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Book 24 hotels in Borovets, starting at 9€/person

Book lift pass, ski equipment, ski school in Borovets

Book 24 hotels in Borovets, starting at 9€/person

Book lift pass, ski equipment, ski school in Borovets

Book 24 hotels in Borovets, starting at 9€/person

Borovets webcam - Samokov hotel

Live webcam, overlooking the lower end of the ski runs in Borovets ski resort, Bulgaria.

Live Webcam at 16:28 Borovets Local Time - 3 visitors online. Refresh.

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Book 24 hotels in Borovets, starting at 9€/person

Book lift pass, ski equipment, ski school in Borovets

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Below you can find archive snapshots from the webcam. Web cam shapshots are archived at every 15 or 20 minutes since the launch of the borovets web camera. Click on the links to view a flash slideshow of the archive web cam images.

 → Borovets web cam - 18.09.17
 → Borovets web cam - 17.09.17
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 → Borovets web cam - 07.09.17  → Borovets web cam - 07.09.17
 → Borovets web cam - 06.09.17  → Borovets web cam - 06.09.17
 → Borovets web cam - 05.09.17  → Borovets web cam - 05.09.17
 → Borovets web cam - 04.09.17  → Borovets web cam - 04.09.17
 → Borovets web cam - 03.09.17  → Borovets web cam - 03.09.17
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Lilly -ProRace - Bulgaria, 17.02.2015 08:45

Perfect slopes, wether.... everything

Ian - United Kingdom, 31.12.2014 19:12

Keeping fingers crossed the snows better than last season or going to have to go elsewhere.

alan f liverpool - United Kingdom, 22.02.2014 10:00

hi Ian
thanks for the info just waiting to be picked up not looking good then cheers


ian - Bulgaria, 21.02.2014 17:39


Final post, temp dropped to 9 degrees from 19 so some improvement. 2 instructors told me they will closing slopes mon and tues to preserve base. Can t see how that helps its snow they need. Rock hard where there is some left with bare patches just starting to come through.Hope temp drops asap and you get some snow. good luck. home tomorrow for me either way.

MARKWALKER - United Kingdom, 20.02.2014 14:56

just got back today from 5 days in borovets. snow is not the best but what can you do!!! snowboarding in 16-20 oc is a new experience for me if im honest but one i quite enjoyed. with a bit of luck they will have snow in the next week so fingers crossed. But even if they do the slopes with no snow still wont open.
buy the way my son and his friend loved it :)

alan f liverpool - United Kingdom, 18.02.2014 18:35

Hi Ian
thanks for the info anyway as you said have paid will have to come and make the most of it been on weather info it shows sleet and snow next week so see what happens keep us up to date but most important enjoy your time boarding again thanks Alan

ian - Bulgaria, 18.02.2014 17:38


Wish i had good news but i havent, it was 19degrees today and 14 yesterday.warm tomorrow gain, slopes packed by 10am. yastra and rila open but unless it snows quickly cant see it lasting.Boarding til 12 then sunbathe seems to be the done thing. learners got nowhere to go so very way down from gondala so lifts packed. I wish i could give u better news but rather be honest.

Darren, 17.02.2014 12:07

Is it spring out there so glad we stayed at home this year its so mild all over this year

ian - United Kingdom, 13.02.2014 18:09

I am there next week, there are only 2 runs open. So it will be packed and there will be long queues for lifts.There is no decent snowfall due and its getting really warm next week.But if youve paid like me , youre going anyway so you make the best of it.If you havent paid yet, go to france or Italy indstead.

Steve - United Kingdom, 13.02.2014 18:02

Hi guys think you'll be wasting your time and money worst season in borovets for many years

Nathalie - Malta, 13.02.2014 15:44

Hello, Will be at Borovets resort next week (3days on 20-22 Feb) - will be my first time on snow so a total BEGINNER. Do you think it will be worth it or a total delusion for a beginner? Thanks

ian - United Kingdom, 13.02.2014 14:55

Petros all Bulagrian resorts are suffering with no snow.France an Italy having huge dumps of white stuff. I have booked and paid for borovets next week but tried to cancel due to conditions ( no joy ). Booked a week in France in March as it looks like next week will be a waste of time.

Petros - Greece, 12.02.2014 16:55

Hi guys, do you know if the situation is any better at Bansko?

ian - United Kingdom, 12.02.2014 11:33

Hi Alan

Spoke to my mate who is an instructor, rila and yastrabetz 2 only slopes open, free bus to Yas chair lift. Gondala open but not enough snow to get down from there so sightseeing only.No snow forecast, in fact heavy rain later this week.Nightmare. Will post whilst there.

alan f liverpool - United Kingdom, 11.02.2014 21:34

hi guys cant believe the situation with the snow this year doesn\'t look good at least you will have a groomed run to go down after the comp finishes pray for a heavy drop in temperature to get the cannons working again best of luck

Ian can you post any info when your there the conditions of the runs that are open


MARKWALKER - United Kingdom, 11.02.2014 18:18

im flying friday looks like forget the board and bring shorts and sun cream!! my friend said it was 14 c outside the Rila today

ian - United Kingdom, 11.02.2014 12:00

Most of the runs are shut through lack of snow, Yastrabetz and Rila slopes are open currently. Follow the link and look on webcams

Petros - Greece, 10.02.2014 21:09

Hi guys,
What is the current snow situation? Are some of the ski runs closed? Can you mention which are open and which are closed? Thanx!

alan f liverpool - United Kingdom, 08.02.2014 13:28

Hi Ian, yes can't believe the difference to last year as we were skiing off piste at the top of the mountain with loads of snow, at least you will have a good groomed slope to ski on after the comp, we arrive on the 22nd week after you, if possible can you post when your out there and let me know the full condition of the resort, thanks for keeping in touch hope you have a great time fingers and ski's crossed.
cheers Alan

ian - United Kingdom, 07.02.2014 14:53

Alan, not looking good.Heavy snow has not arrived, none due for next week or week after and temp going high.Worst season I can remember so far.

alan f liverpool - United Kingdom, 29.01.2014 11:14

hi Ian
thanks for the info its looking a lot better than Jan now they have had some snow hopefully it stays fold enough for the cannons to work and more snow to fall will be good for are weeks when where there you on the 15th and me the 22nd keep dancing for the snow
cheers again for the info

ian - United Kingdom, 28.01.2014 18:37

Hi Alan spoke to my mate there, all runs are still not open yet.They are hoping to shortly. There is more snow forecast. Main thing is the temp seems to have cooled a lot so should be ok.It cant be as bad as early jan,I would consider cancelling if it was that bad.

alan f liverpool - United Kingdom, 28.01.2014 10:51

has anyone got any info after to snow fall our all the runs open on the mountain


ian - United Kingdom, 22.01.2014 11:43


Type in Borovets webcam, then click on Bulgaria should take you to all live webcams

alan f liverpool - United Kingdom, 21.01.2014 23:45

Hi Ian
hopefully we get a good downfall and it stays cold enough for the cannons to keep working,
are there any other web pages with live footage as the webcam on my borovets webpage has been blocked



ian - United Kingdom, 21.01.2014 14:38

Hi Alan

Yes looks like the turn, long range forecast much better cooling down with snow after 24th onwards.Hopefully thats it for the warm spell

alan f liverpool - United Kingdom, 20.01.2014 22:54

Hi all
looking at weather reports snow at end of week its a start of the white stuff keep fingers crossed for more


ian - United Kingdom, 16.01.2014 17:39

Looked at a few websites, they vary but basically until the end of Jan the temp is too high for snow. Its only after 30th it starts to drop back down to where it normally is this time of year which will hopefully bring snow.Feb is usually their best month for snowfall.Still a little worrying though, lots of money down the drain.

peter - United Kingdom, 16.01.2014 15:14

Ray, there does not seem to have been any proper snow since before xmas, Looks like they had some on top of the gondola last night. My guess would be that you will be ok as you still have 2 weeks before you go and the snow gets better as you move in to February. I will keep my fingers crossed for you

peter - United Kingdom, 16.01.2014 15:09

3 of us were due to fly out on 18th Jan, we felt there was no point going as no snow. Have booked for Andorra instead. Unfortunately this had to be at our cost. Have been same week to Borovets for last 4 yrs with no problems and always plenty of snow, very dissapointing to see the conditions at the moment.

Ray - United Kingdom, 16.01.2014 14:11

Hi there
Im going for 4 days on the 30th of january 2014 to borovets. Im so worry that there is not going to be much snow as the weather looks bad and lots of rain comming too. Can somebody help me about this please. thaks

alan f liverpool - United Kingdom, 11.01.2014 17:29

going week later 22nd went last year same time had loads of snow hope we do get snow been watching videos on youtube doesn't look good pray for the white stuff enjoy letme know when your there what the conditions are like if you can post hope to get up the top of the mountain cheers


Ian - United Kingdom, 11.01.2014 14:08

Hi Alan

Same, out there 15th Feb for a week. It will be ok by then weather looks to be cooling next week or so then hopefully snow.Got to feel for people out there now,beginners got no chance people everywhere on nursery slopes.


alan f liverpool - United Kingdom, 11.01.2014 11:29

thanks Ian
were coming back end of Feb, so hope for little snow before then thanks for the info


Ian - United Kingdom, 10.01.2014 13:04

Alan I have spoken to my mate who is an instructor there, conditions are poor, pistes are packed as only a few runs open where there are cannons. Its now too warm for the cannons to run.No significant snow for next 10 days.Night boarding only viable option as less crowded and snow in better condition as temp cools.Prey for snow.

alan f liverpool - United Kingdom, 10.01.2014 11:45

any info regarding the snow forecast doesnt look good at moment looking at the webcams whats the conditions like at the top of the gondola are the runs open at the top of the mountain



Mirko - European Union, 18.12.2013 14:16

Any updates for Christmas 2013 ! or new year 2014 !

phil mckay - United Kingdom, 24.02.2013 19:01

2nd trip to borovets :) arrive samokov 25th feb and all looks good with good snow and more forecast over the next 2 days :)

alan f liverpool uk - United Kingdom, 23.02.2013 11:42

hi all
out there tomorrow cant wait looking good for the weather aswell party time here we come see you on the slopes


mark - United Kingdom, 22.02.2013 16:49

Hi Simon
Not sure think it would be ok.
My friends name is Ridi his mobile is 00359877279695 give him a call and say mark said to call . he will know more than me and. ive known him for 7 years and he is a top snowboarding instructor

simon - United Kingdom, 21.02.2013 21:35

Hi Mark, thanks for the advice, it would be great if we could contact your friend for the snowboading lessons when we get out to borovets. Also do you know if the beginners can go up on to the blue runs with the new restrictions?

mark - United Kingdom, 18.02.2013 10:07

just got back from Borovets conditions are good at the moment. We had snow nearly every day last week. I think they have introduced some lift restrictions but if you have been before you will be ok. Just get your lift pass from the Rila reception. If you need snowboarding lessons let me know as one of my good friends is a snowboarding instructor there.

Simon - United Kingdom, 17.02.2013 11:18

Hi, anyone got any updates on snow conditions?. I'm taking my boys skiing for their first time on the 9th March, they are snow boarding and I'm am skiing with a little boarding probably.

paul - United Kingdom, 15.02.2013 21:35

we are booking up for next year. We have had to miss this year and were suprised when the quote told us of lift pass restrictions for beginners. Booking through neilson holidays and was wondering if this is now correct as we've been to borovets the past 3 years with no lift resrtictions. anyone experience the same.

mark - United Kingdom, 06.02.2013 18:59

just spoken to a friend there and quite a lot of snow is forcast tonight and tomorrow. Which is awesome because i fly friday afternoon

ian - United Kingdom, 06.02.2013 18:21


I am going on 23rd, currently snow conditions are excellent the 10 day forecast from today is also good with lots of the white stuff and cold temp. Look on motorheads site for long range forecasts.Its usually best time of season for good snow conditions so should be great.

Mike - European Union, 06.02.2013 15:03

Anyone got any snow updates, I go out on 23 of Feb and I need there to be snow!

Mike - European Union, 06.02.2013 15:02

Anyone got any snow updates, I go out on 23 of Feb and I need ther eto be snow!

Perry - United Kingdom, 04.02.2013 20:47

Out to Borovets on the 1st week of Feb.Any news on the long range snow forcast.

Richie - United Kingdom, 03.02.2013 09:55

Looking good uot there! can\'t wait unyill next week when we will be back on the slopes, hope the snow holds up!

ian - United Kingdom, 29.01.2013 17:36

For those worried about the snow, dont. Its currently powder conditions with more snow forecast this is direct from Borovets as my mate is an instructor there. I am back out in three weeks with the lads, went in early Jan with the kids and had a great time. Long range forecasts all look good so go and enjoy.

kate - United Kingdom, 28.01.2013 23:47

I;m heading out by myself on 12/3/13 for a crash course in snowboarding - any other singles/friendly groups going to the school at the same time?

alan f liverpool UK - United Kingdom, 25.01.2013 17:42

any one got a further updates of the snow conditions if you have just come back or are still there

cheers Alan

ian - United Kingdom, 14.01.2013 14:09

Got back yesterday, plenty of snow at the top so get the gondola straight up. The tracks at the bottom are getting patchy with stones coming through.More snow forecast all week so anyone going out should be ok.Back out in Feb for more boarding.

alan f liverpool - United Kingdom, 13.01.2013 18:03

Hi Kirsty

have been looking at some of the videos on youtube of the runs in Borovets for this season end of December and January they look brill cant wait ourselves to get there hope we get a good down fall of snow for when we arrive cheers


Kirsty - United Kingdom, 10.01.2013 09:43

Hi Lewis, Kim and Alan,
I arrive on the 23rd also - my 3rd time now there is a group of 9 of us going some beginners too! I really can't wait! The end of feb is the best time for snow too!!!

alan f liverpool UK - United Kingdom, 04.01.2013 20:23

hi Lewis and Kim

i'm also arriving that weekend on the 24th hope we get a lot more snow to enjoy not been to borovets before looking forward to it been Pamporovo few times gang of 6 coming for party time see you in Bobby's bar cheers Alan

Lewis - United Kingdom, 04.01.2013 16:41

Thanks Kim. We will no doubt be in the bar drinking after a good days skiing :).

Kim - United States, 04.01.2013 14:50

Lewis, group of us going back for a second year in a row on 23/2 too and will no doubt be found in Bobbys bar. Give us a shout if you need tips/advice/group to meet in the eve. If not may see you there!

Lewis - United Kingdom, 04.01.2013 10:18

Me and 6 of my friends are coming to Borovets on the 23rd February, some of them have never been skiing before and all of us have never been to Borovets.I have heard mixed reviews about borovets on the internet but I am sure we will have a great time. We are all hoping for plenty of snow and I check the webcams and weather forecast daily. :)

Steve Langford - United Kingdom, 30.12.2012 15:20

Just got back from Borovets (29th Dec 2012). Skiing was fantastic until 26th Dec but has turned very warm (up to 15C) snow has melted and is like sheet ice in some places. Many runs have been closed and no new forecast is due until at least 4th Jan. A great resort though and plenty of good bars and restaurants.

rachel - United Kingdom, 30.12.2012 15:12

according to twitter there's a lot of ice and snow is melting leaving mud etc showing through. runs arent in a very good condition at the moment. coming out there soon so fingers crossed for some more snow very soon!

Rachel - United Kingdom, 30.12.2012 00:59

yes, from twitter it would seem theres a lot of bare patches, ice and diminishing snow :(
hope theres more soon.

phil mckay - United Kingdom, 28.12.2012 02:20

my lady on the ground in borovets says the snows been melting and samokov has little snow left! fortunately the tempretures are dropping again :) need some more snow now to top it all up again !!!

phil mckay - European Union, 22.12.2012 23:35

its only this site i think coz i was looking at skiers goin down yastrebetz yesterday on another site :) there is a thaw coming over the next few days but if the reports are true about snow levels all should be ok :)

alan f liverpool UK - United Kingdom, 22.12.2012 22:46

hi Craig,

thanks for the info looking forward to getting there end of feb
hi Helen

have a look at he web cam on the my borovets web page actual live footage being played of the run at the bottom of the lift by the Rila Hotel looks quite a bit of snoany more info on Borovets would be great see you all soon


helen - United Kingdom, 22.12.2012 12:48

what as happend to the web cams

phil mckay - United Kingdom, 20.12.2012 19:41

flightes for sofia booked for 5th jan and 25th feb cant wait to get to that borovets snow lol!
not sure about 5th of jan snow but hey whats the point of having your own place there if you dont get a couple of trips in :) looking quite good so far and looks like a slow build up of good snow :) hope the tempretures stay low from here on in !

Craig Livingstone - United Kingdom, 18.12.2012 20:54

Hi Alan,

I find Borovets to be more to my liking than Pamporovo as there are plenty of nice bars dotted around with a lively atmosphere, the flip side is that if you have the family be wary of a few red light type places although I've never seen this kind of activity spill onto the streets.

The skiing in Borovets is a little bit more extensive than Pamporovo in the sense that there are a few ski areas each with several slopes and a nice ski track from the top down for a relaxing run after a hard days skiing. I'm an advanced skiier but still look forward to Borovets for the skiing, just as much as I enjoyed it when I learned there ten years or so ago.

There's ten pin bowling in the Samokov for a nice family night out, White Magic is a nice friendly pub, always liked Buzz Bar as well if it's still there (been a few years since I was in Boro)!

Craig Livingstone - United Kingdom, 18.12.2012 20:35

Hi Alan,

I find Borovets to be more to my liking than Pamporovo as there are plenty of nice bars dotted around with a lively atmosphere, the flip side is that if you have the family be wary of a few red light type places although I've never seen this kind of activity spill onto the streets.

The skiing in Borovets is a little bit more extensive than Pamporovo in the sense that there are a few ski areas each with several slopes and a nice ski track from the top down for a relaxing run after a hard days skiing. I'm an advanced skiier but still look forward to Borovets for the skiing, just as much as I enjoyed it when I learned there ten years or so ago.

There's ten pin bowling in the Samokov for a nice family night out, White Magic is a nice friendly pub, always liked Buzz Bar as well if it's still there (been a few years since I was in Boro)!

Craig - United Kingdom, 18.12.2012 11:04

Hi fellow snow fans.
Booked in to Borovets mid-end of Feb '13.
Interested in knowing how the snow is building up on the slopes. if anyone would be so kind as to answer it would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

alan f liverpool UK - United Kingdom, 17.12.2012 21:27

thanks Atanas yes already booked to arrive end of Feb looking forward to seeing what borovets has to offer skied at Pamporovo last few seasons so time for a change any one got any good info on the skiing and night life in Borovets

cheers Alan

Craig Livingstone - United Kingdom, 15.12.2012 12:14

If we get through this weekends forecast of rain and higher temperatures without too much damage then this could be my best snow year in Borovets to date...flying out on the 23rd and looking forward to getting back to my second home!

Craig Livingstone - United Kingdom, 14.12.2012 21:01

If we get through this weekends forecast of rain and higher temperatures without too much damage then this could be my best snow year in Borovets to date...flying out on the 23rd and looking forward to getting back to my second home!

Atanas - Bulgaria, 12.12.2012 14:14

Hi Alan,
We play live footage on the web cams, there is already 50cm. snow cover in Borovets.
The forecast for the following days is for more snow, so don’t hesitate to book your ski holiday
Your Borovets Rep

Atanas - Bulgaria, 11.12.2012 12:38

Hi Alan,
We play live footage on the web cams, there is already 50cm. snow cover in Borovets.
The forecast for the following days is for more snow, so don’t hesitate to book your ski holiday
Your Borovets Rep

alan f liverpool UK - United Kingdom, 08.12.2012 15:26

looks good more snow please can you tell me if you play live footage on the web cams

alan f from Liverpool UK - United Kingdom, 30.10.2012 00:34

booked for the end of Feb cant wait and reading some of the reports sounds like the place to be, been to Pamporovo a couple of times and looking for a change happy skiing to all

vince - United Kingdom, 11.10.2012 21:20

Sorry wayne it was holiday hypermarket not supermarket :-)

vince - United Kingdom, 28.09.2012 21:51

Sorry Wayne holiday hypermarket not supermarket :-/

Wayne, 12.09.2012 23:26

Thanks Vince.

Vince - United Kingdom, 03.09.2012 21:57

Wayne sorry only just seen your post, it was a late deal through holiday supermarket :-)

WAYNE - United Kingdom, 26.05.2012 11:32

That really is a good deal, where do i need to look to get a deal that cheap ?

VINCE - United Kingdom, 14.04.2012 18:36

Will be going back again for the 3rd time next Jan really cheap which is good if you are a bit strapped for cash my whole holiday cost 550 pound that included spending money, really friendly people stayed at the hotel Rila again

Andy - United Kingdom, 19.02.2012 22:32

Our group of nine people just got back after a great weeks skiing and boarding in Borovets. Been 4 times now and the snow was by far the best we've ever seen and it got better as the week went by with more snow during the trip. Lift pass, food, drink prices are still cheap compared to the other Europeaen resorts but head into Samakov town for even cheaper/better food & drink, well worth paying the 15 lev taxi fare, go to the "Hen House" or one of the other restaurants to see how good Bulgarian food and hospitality can be outside of the resorts. If you're not prepared to travel then food in the Blue and Venice restaurants is great but not that cheap anymore. We spent the week in the Villa Park apartments which were great, great pool, gym, sauna etc. (all free for residents) and bar and restaurant prices are half of those in the resort centre although must admit some of the food we got could have been served hotter, but that seems to be the case with many Bulgarian hotels? We'll be back again just hope the weather is a good next time.

paul - United Kingdom, 16.03.2011 00:03

Just got back from amazing skiing week. (13-03-11). Landed in Borovets on 6th, snowed for two days, all runs open ski conditions perfect. Been twice now, lucky with snow will be going again next year. Our instructor was Elena savova really made our week, she was fantastic learned so much. Highly recomended.

Vinny - United Kingdom, 09.03.2011 00:19

Got back today from Borovets. I arrived on Friday and was shocked with the vase amounts of snow!!! Alot of the runs were closed, however yesterday (07/03/11) it had snowed for 24 hrs. Ski conditions are now looking good (sods law!!) I was also disappointed with the Apres. I would definetly recommend spending that extra bit for France or definitely as the conditions should be 10 times better.

Alex - United Kingdom, 26.02.2011 11:36

Thanks for the info and advice. We are heading out tomorrow (27/02/11), really looking forward to it. Conditions look great! I actually ski and snowboard but i am bringing my board for this week. There are 2 skiers and 2 other boarders in the group. Can always benefit from some freestyle advice. I cant speak for everyone in the group but I will talk to them. How should I contact your friend should we decide to take up the offer Mark? Cheers.

Maxine - United Kingdom, 25.02.2011 23:25

Off to Borovets tomorrow 26/2/11, weather looks great, loads of snow, so are all the ski slopes should be open? Looking forward to another great weeks skiing with Julian at the Samokov.

Tony - United Kingdom, 25.02.2011 17:09

I have been to Borovets 4 times and ill be back next week. I have found the best place to change money out there is at the bank under the Samokov Hotel. there are some exchange places but be very carefull

mark - United Kingdom, 25.02.2011 13:54

hi alex
snow park is only small. do you ski or board?
if you board and need a lesson on the slopes or snow park i have a good friend there who is a instructor and he will give advice and help you on the jumps and rails well worth 70 lev. Lubon is the one for lift passes.

Alex - United Kingdom, 22.02.2011 21:07

Also I forgot to ask.. where is best to change money? Is there a better exchange rate in Borovets than at the Post Office. Currently its 1.00 Pound = 2.1415 Lev. Thanks in advance.

Alex - United Kingdom, 22.02.2011 20:35

Hi Mark/Luben,
Thanks for the update. I have been keeping a close eye on the weather and I am relieved that snow is finally falling in Borovets! 5 of us are heading out on Sunday and this week really cant go fast enough! I wasnt aware that there was a snow park so that is a big bonus to hear you say that Mark :-) Do you know where the best place for us to get our lift passes are and also where some of the guys are best getting there ski hire? Thanks in advance.

mark - United Kingdom, 22.02.2011 14:13

Just got back from borovets today 22nd feb. Its been snowing for 2 days straight which is good. But there has not been much snow at the top of the mountain which is strange! Every where else is fine though. More snow forcast for the rest of the week so should be all good.
New snow park is up and running which is good fun though.
Cheers Luben for the passes

Alex - United Kingdom, 09.02.2011 23:06

Thanks Luben,
I have my fingers crossed for a substantial dump between now and the 27th :) I have never skied Bulgaria and I am hoping my first experience is a positive one. One thing you unfortunately cannot control however is the weather.

John - Bulgaria, 08.02.2011 22:18

Currently here in Borovets. It's now Tuesday 8th Feb and been here since the 5th. There has been no snow and none forecast for the next 7 duays. Some ski runs have little snow and have ripped my skis to bits, massive chunk out of one. A third of ski runs closed . Some runs okay, yet crowded. Harassed by locals constantly. When I refused to be dragged into one locals bar, he replied "Maybe later, next season, or will you be in Austria, as Bulgaria has no snow and s%*t " . I think he wars being sarcastic but I think he may be right. Pay the extra for guaranteed snow.

luben, 07.02.2011 15:20

Dear Alex,
I am skiing almost every day in Borovets. The conditions at the moment are average. The next few day the temperatures will get very high, up to 10 C. Good news is that there is snow forecast for the period 12 - 15 February.
So let's hope there will be enough snow by the end of the month. I have contacts with friends in the biggest European resorts in France and Austria and they have told me that the situation there is pretty the same... Global warming!

Alex - United Kingdom, 04.02.2011 10:07

Hi all! I am heading out at the end of Feb with 4 lads. I can see there is still snow but it looks pretty hard packed and icy. Has anyone come back recently that has some info about the slope conditions?

Martin - United Kingdom, 29.01.2011 17:58

A group of us are heading out there in a weeks time. Safe to say i'm excited and hope theres plenty of snow! I'll update here with the conditions when I get back.

andy - United Kingdom, 24.01.2011 22:05

just got back saturday and it snowed the night we left ! when we arrived on 15th jan it looked crap and was raining hard ! i thought it would be rubbish but the rain was snow on the mountain and even turned to snow in the resort by morning ! fresh powder which held out for much of the week due to high altitude . lots of beginners which means not many people venture off piste or even try the powder at the edge of the slopes which keeps it good. i was on a lads holiday beer very cheap great apres ski . never going to be tignes but good laugh and somewhere i would take my little un to teach to ski, enjoy

luben, 17.01.2011 16:00

The skiing conditions in Borovets are improving, since the last snowfall.
Today I've been skiing on Markudjik 1 and Yastrebets 2 & 3, to be honest the slopes were almost perfect.
For the following days the forecast is more snow, it's pretty sure that the next week te most of the slopes will be open.
Don't hesitate to book your ski holiday in Borovets.

Nick Green - United Kingdom, 17.01.2011 12:30

We came backl from Borovets on Saturday so I thought I would give a quick update on the conditions. There is snow, so don't worry about it! I will admit that the conditions are poor throughout the resort, but 2 of the Yastrebatz runs (red) are open which will offer you good skiing. The Rila runs are icy but more than skiable by beginners and lower intermediates. Having spoken with our instructors they are expecting snow in the next 2 weeks.

If you go you will have fun - Borovets is a great resort for Apres as well as the skiing! Franco's is great at night and great for food in the day.

TeaBagZukkini - United Kingdom, 17.01.2011 02:41

seee how it looks like snow?....i call shinanegans!!!!

Tony - United Kingdom, 16.01.2011 19:18

I think its about time someone put some snow reports on here, as the last one was the 30th March 2010

brad - United Kingdom, 08.01.2011 20:28

hello paul were flying with easyjet mate cheap mate we will get there at 12 in the afternoon were about u from were from over the water mate o and how old u lads mate me girls 11 she loves the sking yeah have to meet up 4 a drink mate dearby on sunday init u red or blue am a red hahah see u there mate

bradley - United Kingdom, 07.01.2011 13:02

hello paul mate were going with easy jet mate it was cheap as mate and got the rila for 230 for the week so in all only cost us about 700 for 3 of us mate thats with 2 ski passes as well cheap went with them last time thompson robbin basteds o well u no now mate cheaper booking it all u self how old r u lads my girls 11 she loves it am going with me bird and r girl brit and me ma tagged along now she not sking she just wants to go mate it fuckin better there mate init went last year god laught there mate were from over the water mate wallasey were use from hope to see u there for the derby who u support hah am a red be good piss up dow get back in touch mate brad

paul - United Kingdom, 06.01.2011 19:27

bradley we are also scousers there will be 2 of us with 2 boys me an me mate are taking are sons for the first time so it should be fun who u flying with an what time are flight is 13:55 with thompson

bradley - United Kingdom, 05.01.2011 10:37

hello paul yeah mate this is my second time there i have a mate there who has sorted us out mate for lift passes ex ill see u there mate were u from just look out for 4 scouces mate we will be there see u for a few drinks mate

Neil Mantovani - United Kingdom, 03.01.2011 09:25

Just got back from Bovorets as an intermediate skier and I can tell you that although the lower intermediate slopes are open they are EXTREMELY CROWDED AND VERY ICY and the instructors will describe skiing as survival of the fitest!. Many people came away with bad injuries to knees especially so all I can say is good luck. We arrived on Sun the 26th and only once have we had a small amount of snow and for the past 4 consecutive days I felt like we were in Spain in the middle of summer with all the sun and blue skys. Finally anyone staying at the Samakov hotel I hope you all like cold to slightly warm food!! I would go back to the resourt but NOT IN DECEMBER as there was no snow and think it looks white and ok from the webcams because it's deadly out there at the moment.

nick - United Kingdom, 01.01.2011 16:32

We are booked into the Samokov starting 8th Jan. We were there same time last year and the snow was poor. Is it likely to get any better?


luben, 29.12.2010 14:45

The skiing conditions in Borovets are still not average. The nursery slopes are open, as well Martinovi Baraki, Popangelov and Yastrebets 2. There the conditions are very good, snow canons are working with their full capacity to produce more snow. Due to lack of snow Markudjik ski area is still closed.
The temperatures will remain under 0 for the next weeks, from January 2nd, the forecast is snow.

luben, 24.12.2010 11:46

Hi Mark,
Of course the customer makes the choice where to buy the lift pass or ski package.
The prices at the cash desk of Rila hotel are:
6 days lift pass about 125,00 GBP
6 days ski equipment about 61,00 GBP
6 days group ski tuition about 100,00 GBP
In total it makes 286,00 GBP, online you can book it for 147,00 GBP.

George - Bulgaria, 22.12.2010 13:33

hi folks,
no travel agency or website should put a "markup" on top of the prices you can get in the resort.
When you book a ski package online, you always get a better price. I have not looked at other sites but on this one ski pass and equipment prices are 20 to 50% lower than at the front desk. it is completely logical - when you book online you choose country, resort, hotel, compare prices and then decide whether to pay...when you are already there you have no choice left but to pay whatever the price. I own a flat in borovets and I always book ski passes online

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