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World-famous spa resort

The ancient Bulgarian town and world-famous spa resort of Hissar is situated in the centre of Bulgaria, in the southern folds of Sredna Gora Mountains, 42 km north of Plovdiv and 167 km east of Sofia, close to the Valley of Roses.

Ancient Bulgarian town

During the age of the Roman Empire, the town, called Augusta, was a wealthy healing centre with Emperor’s palaces, wide stone streets, marble baths, statues of Roman Gods and exuberant vegetation.
Today Hissar is a modern spa resort that offers all facilities for balneotherapy. There are 22 mineral springs in Hissar - 16 natural and 6 deeply drilled, with temperatures ranging from 37 to 51 degrees C.

The mineral water is light, clear, colourless, and tasty. It is slightly mineralized, hypo- and hyper-thermal, with a predominance of hydrocarbonic, sodium, sulphate and fluorine ions, as well as substantial amounts of radioactive gas. The radioactive emanation is 10-165 Em, pH - 7.6 - 9.02 and over 20 microelements. The acid content - 200 - 270 mgl.

Hissar mineral water can be used both as table water and for prevention of: gastro-intestinal tract diseases, nephrolithiasis and nephro-urological diseases, cholelithiasis, locomotory system diseases, gynecological diseases, endocrine-metabolical diseases, early artherosclerosis and processes of premature senility, dental diseases and prevention of dental caries, chronic intoxication with heavy metals and pharmaceutical substances.

The climate is moderate continental with mild and warm winter. The average annual snow cover is 12 days. Spring comes early, summer is temperately hot with an average month temperature of 22oC. Autumn is warm and long lasting. The average annual humidity is moderate (70 %). Foggy weather is an exception. The wettest months are June and November. Sunny days - 280 per year.


Archeological Museum - 8, Alexander Stamboliiski Str.,working hours:8a.m.-12a.m., 1,30p.m. – 5,30p.m.
The Hissar Fortress has the shape of an irregular tetragon with an area of 300 decares. Its walls are some of the best preserved fortress defences in Bulgaria.
In the past one could enter the town through 4 gates, the main of which was the southern gate called “The Camels”.
The Hissar tomb is a late-Roman (4 th century) family tomb, consisting of an overarched passage, a staircase and a burial chamber with colour frescoes and 4-colour-mosaic.

Other interesting sites are: the Banski buildings (baths), the Old-Christian Basilicas (5 th -6 thC.), the church-tomb from the 10 th – 12 thC, the mosque in the western part of the town, the Holy Mother of God temple in Momina Banya neighborhood, the St.Dimitar temple in the Verigovo residential area, the St. Pantaleimon temple, the St. Petar and Pavel church.

Very interesting are the unique bead belts from Momina banja /Maidens' bath/ neighbourhood in Hissar. It takes about three months to make a one-meter long belt. The beads are sewn on one by one, day after day before the flowers of Thrace shine on the beautiful national costumes.


Hissarya has regular bus lines to Plovdiv, Karlovo, Panagyurishte, the village of Krastevitch and others. The town is the last stop of the railway line Dolna Mahala – Hissar.

Bus station – tel. + 359 337/2069
Railway station – tel. +359 337/2256,2094,2411

Surrounding Areas

Hissar is a starting point of tourist trails through the Central Sredna Gora. From here there are marked tourist routes to the Orela Inn (5h). From the Inn you can proceed to the Chivira Inn(3h), the Bogdan Inn(5h), or you can climb the peaks Alexitza (1h), Fenera (20min), Kozya Gramada(20min).


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