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The history of Sofia dates back to 7000 years ago. Hence, you will find everything that you are looking for in this antique, but still developing European city.

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and the biggest city in the country. It is situated in the north western part of South Bulgaria, in the skirts of the magnificent mountain Vitosha and this ancient city is the main administrative, industrial, transport and cultural centre of Bulgaria.
Today Sofia is a modern and busy capital. All year-round a rich cultural life is represented with valuable exhibitions, worth seeing expos and many more. There are many theatres, an opera house, concert halls, museums and galleries. And also not forget to mention - busy boulevards, cozy cafes and restaurants, sparkling stores with tempting shop windows, many parks and gardens.
Sofia remains distinguished for its rich landscape, its vibrant atmosphere, numerous archaeological landmarks and its extraordinary nightlife. Combining a busy city life for professionals, with the most beautiful tourist attractions, as well as the serenity of the tranquil Vitosha Mountain, Sofia accommodates for all tastes and whims. Situated in the Western Bulgarian and being the largest city in the small, but green country Bulgaria, one will find astounding mountain views, magnificent natural locations, quality of life, culture and passion, and stately architectural landmarks. Thus Sofia has been one of most important tourist destinations especially for business travellers over the last few years.

The reason why settlements arose so early in Sofia city is the abundance of thermal springs in the Sofia Plain. They cluster mainly around today’s city centre - near the old mineral baths, around the Presidency building, in the area of Lozenets, and in Gorna Banya and Knyazhevo Quarters. Hence, from the day that settlers made Sofia their home, many more have followed them and realized the excellent opportunities that can be found here. Here is the key, this is why so many people choose Sofia, enjoy the lifestyle that others have had before them and make history themselves. It is like a history, you simply need to arrange the pieces of the interesting puzzle in order to reveal the unveiled secret…

Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city, is a city that combines a unique blend of rich historical character with a modern, first-world city. Located in the best area of the country, lying at the foot of Vitosha Moutain, you can easily access all parts of the country owing to the excellent road network. Renovated building, new, spacious roads and parking spaces have improved the overall outlook of this vibrant, eternal European city.
The advantages of Sofia and its region are numerous. The archaeological sites and the myriad of museums are all located in the centre of the city, just within walking distance from the most important administrative buildings. Sparkling shops, excellent medical care , boutiques, offering all the new arrivals of famous designers, modern shopping centers with its spacious, well-equipped cinemas have film operating and screenings at the same time as in the rest of Europe.

Tourist attractions are the Church of Sveta Nedelya, the Banya Bashi Mosque (16th century) and nearby Turkish baths, the Hall covered market and clock tower Synagogue, the National History Museum, the Sveta Petka Samardzhiiska Church, the Russian Church, the Alexandar Battenberg Square. There are so many archaeological places of interest to explore in Sofia that we cannot list them all here /please, for more information refer to the appropriate section of the website/!
Visitors have many landmarks to choose from including religious, historical and cultural sights like the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, The National History Museum, The Achaeological Museum and an infinite list of churches, antique buildings, unique due to their imposing architecture.
Nearby the ruins of a classical temples and the world famous Alexander Nevski Cathedral are nestled museums, marvellous theatres, charming cafes, galleries, bazaars and parks. The beauty of Sofia is unsurpassable, so its authenticity will remain a high priority as conservation measures remain in place to ensure that the present condition of this ancient city will not change.

Hopefully, the comprehensive information at our website will inspire you to visit Sofia or at least to get acquainted with its intriguing past and variable, but bright future. If it is “Quality of life” that you are looking for, then Sofia, the city of wisdom has it all , it is definitely the city for you.


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