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Tips and tales for skiers and snowboarders


Itís still the very beginning, the winter season is enjoyed by many skiers and we can easily shape our top New Yearís resolutions. If you are a skier or a snowboarder, you may find this article very useful. Here we go with our top 5 resolutions (you can call them tips if you wish to) which will help you achieve your goals on the ski slopes! We promise that we will not introduce exhaustive programs, because we know that you are the kings of the white sports, so you should just believe in yourself and make sure that every huge goal is properly divided into smaller, digestible chunks.

1.Get into shape Even if you are in a good shape, you can get the most out of your skiing if you practice more and more. Make sure that you are covered with many hours of ski adventures, grab your snowboard and become a master at the slopes! The excellent sports program will give you energy and will let you achieve new goals on the ski tracks. In case you would like to be skiing all day long, you should stick to a strict sports program which includes most appropriate exercises for your endurance. In case you have any doubts, please, consult with your doctor and have in mind that you should eat nutritious food.

2. Do you fit into your ski booths? Many of us spend much money on ski equipment such as sunglasses, hats, a good jacket, but we often forget about the ski booths. The difference between having fun on the ski slopes and improving the technical skills is that we should be confident in what we do (quite literally) in order to achieve magnificent performance on the ski tracks and exceed our own expectations. In order to do that, though, the comfort comes as a priority.

You are a good skier, but you should bear in mind that not the brand is what will help you on the ski runs, but the convenience and the right equipment which makes you feel good and determined to improve your skills. Therefore, the major key point here is: donít compromise with your ski equipment and note that every element matters!

3. Use your ski pass more and more

>Every year our friends and customers share with us that they cannot make the most out of their ski holiday. The question is why. If you have packed your ski equipment, then book a holiday, think about a date and note it down in your calendar. One of your top New Yearís resolutions might be to treat your holiday promises as such and remember that holidays are no different than an important meeting, you should never miss it!

According to Harvard Business Review, "relaxation and holidays improve our productivity", makes us better employees, influences our personal life and reminds us that we should enjoy the lift to the fullest. Being rejuvenated means that we maintain good relationships with our colleagues and fellows. Once you have prepared your holiday calendar, make a promise that at least once you will spontaneously decide and head for the ski slopes in Bulgaria. If you wish us to choose a ski holiday deal for you, donít hesitate, contact us or check out for fresh packages that are updated regularly!

4. Time for a lesson Do you feel confident on the white ski slopes? If it is not the case, donít be disappointed, is time for changes, so you should dedicate some time to lessons and personal improvement. In order to achieve our goals and dreams, we should work hard for them. Did I say hard? Donít stop reading, just remember that the commencement of what we have decided is the first step to success. Itís time for a lesson. Even though you are a skier, there is always room for improvement and no matter how experienced you are, there is an opportunity to improve your ski technique or justÖbecome better and better.

I am sure that you can show us 2-3 special ski tricks on the white slopes and you will be skiing effortlessly as if you are flying. Yet, a lesson or two will never harm you. Just the opposite, you will put yourself to a test in order to improve your skills. The best thing is that you cannot make a mistake or get accustomed to bad practices that a friend might have shown to you.

5. The art of adventure seekingBulgaria mountains are so majestic! Pirin, RIla, the mysterious Rhodopes, you can always find something! The key to happiness is to enjoy the diversity and be ready to embrace everything new. If you have decided to have your January ski vacation in Bansko, then next year you can include Uzana or Semkovo at least for a ski weekend. If the sun in Pamporovo is too much for you (I donít believe it, though), enjoy night skiing in Borovets. In case you would like to try skiing on ski runs of different levels of difficulty, use our Bulgaria ski centre for find detailed information for working ski lifts, ski tracks, terrains etc. No matter what your place is, I am sure that you will always feel as if you are in a new place!

What your New Yearís ski resolutions are? Which ski destinations did not visit or share with us which your next place is? Share your story!