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All Inclusive holidays- choice that worths a second thought

Anita Valentinova, 06.08.2012

It seems that beach holidays are the most coveted type of vacation in the heat of the summer. Well, we totally agree that holidaymakers first choice are indeed vacations at the seaside, followed by some refreshing escapes in the mountain, SPA retreats in a trendy resort and, finally, some unusual destination that cannot fall in any of these categories. Being travel experts we tailor many summer holidays in Bulgaria and we know what a holidaymaker will want in order to Ďsqueezeí all the opportunities that a vacation offers. On top of everything, though, we are dedicated to solving issues and seeing people happy. This is why we would like to cover a topic which is often discussed.

Some love them, some detest them due to a variety of reasons, but letís touch it and talk a bit about All inclusive holidays or All Inclusive Packages in particular. All Inclusive Offers are great for many reasons and the first of them is that you donít need to worry about meals, entertainment, facilities at the swimming pool etc. Most All Inclusive packages include accommodation, meals (breakfast, lunch and a dinner) and drinks. You should bear in mind, however, that many hotel complexes charge extra for alcoholic drinks.

Now we would like to provide you with some basic tips when it comes to your All Inclusive vacation. Before we continue, first thing to have consider is the type of your trip. Are you going to a honeymoon (lucky you if you have chosen the lovely SPA and beach resort Pomorie!), a relaxing trip or you intend to jump on a adventure with your friends or maybe you are in for a family-friendly summer vacation? Depending on the type of your holiday (beach, mountain etc.) , as well as the reasons, pertaining to your vacation, there are different kinds of hotels that offer All Inclusive packages. In other words, first you should identify the reason for your holiday and the type of the vacation so that you can consider the essentials, related to your hotel.

If you go for a romantic holiday or your honeymoon is about relaxation and contemplation, we recommend you to: Read more about the category of the hotel and all rooms that are available /luxury one bedroom, a bedroom with a seaview etc.) Which hotel chain manages the hotel? Some International hotel brands are recognized for their value, so count on that and you will get the idea about the quality of the food and service. Otherwise, you donít have another choice, but rely solely on the information, reviews on the web, or the recommendation of your local travel agent.

Find out whether there are different restaurants in the hotel and make sure that they serve your most favourite food. Bear in mind that Japanese, Mediterranean restaurants often are not the place where your food will be served. Hence, for all restaurants, different from the main one, a reservation in advance is needed. Ouch, in all instances you should pay your meal as well. As it comes for family-friendly vacations, make sure that the hotel is equipped with everything you may need (a baby cot, swimming pool for kids, first aid, babysitters) so that you will enjoy your time and spend a great vacation without worrying about your kids!

In addition, you know that kids start frowning at some meals, so itís useful to ask in advance for an exemplary menu and make sure that there are dishes that your children will like (you donít want to see them in KFC, do you?). We often recommend all hotels that offer special programs for kids so that little ones will also enjoy their holidays. Provided that you go for a vacation with your friends, itís all about pristine beaches, fun and parties! So, please, make sure that either the hotel has a night club or a night club is located nearby so that you will not be made to leave the resort to have a great party! For adrenaline-seekers, we recommend you to rent a jet and explore the sea with your friends. Take some pictures, laugh and bask under the blissful sunshine.

It is useful to know before you arrive if the hotel has its own beach, or you are on the second line or beyond. Next, read the information about the hotel which you have chosen and see how many swimming pools are available. Other interesting activities such as billiards, bowling, a pool bar with a disco might be also important when you make your decision. Use the map of the resort (most of them are available online) and see where your hotel is exactly located.

Another tip that you may find useful is having in mind additional services. All inclusive hotel complexes charge sometimes more if you would like to go on an excursion, rent a car etc. Therefore, to avoid expensive pricelists, we advise to pre-book in advance and make sure that indeed you are ALL covered!

We hope that you enjoyed our humble advice and you will have a great vacation in Bulgaria. Stay tuned for more news and tips, and why not share your experience with us, we love to hear from you! You can find all our carefully selected All inclusive offers here !