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If you book with Bulgaria-Hotels.Com hotel accommodation or ski package in Bansko, Borovets or Pamporovo you will get a 10% discount card for many restaurants and bars. Learn more »

"Chevermeto" tavern

Chevermeto restaurant, BanskoChevermeto restaurant, BanskoChevermeto is the first tavern in Bansko that was designed and constructed especially for that purpose. Located in the very heart of the town - in Vazrajdane Square, it was built by the rules of local architectural tradition - the building itself and its interior are designed entirely in the "wood, stone and metal" style.

Spread on three levels, the balcony and banquet hall will impress the visitor with their spaciousness and the interesting fireplace creating a unique and cozy atmosphere. The modern equipment includes full airconditioning and aspiration systems in the premises including a heat curtain at the entrance. Your comfort is guaranteed in a smoke-free and enjoyable setting even in the early morning hours. The professional orchestra in combination with the modern audio system adds to the pleasant atmosphere.

Unforgettable evenings of merry-making are awaiting you in Chevermeto with traditional local cuisine or dishes from the Rhodopes and other parts of Bulgaria - all of this combined with high quality and fast service. With its 150 seats and flexible pricing policy, Chevermeto is the partner of choice for Bulgarian and foreign tour operators for providing catering services to organized tourist groups.

The Dishes:
Chevermeto is the only catering establishment in Bansko where guests can always be served cheverme (whole barbecued lamb) without ordering it in advance.

The chef offers the best of both local and Rhodope dishes. You are welcome to order "patatnik" (potato dish), skewered piglet, Banski soudjuk (local sausage), kapama (mixed meats dish) and chomlek (pork dish). You will be pleasantly surprised by the specialities cooked on an earthenware slab and the five types of freshly cooked soups.

Only here in Chevermeto you can try the unique speciality "Monyovo meze" and fresh buffalo cheese.

To sweeten up your stay you should try the special deserts - baked pumpkin with honey and walnuts and "banitsa s lokum" - a traditional sweet pastry.

In vino veritas!, ancient Romans used to say. Here at Chevermeto you can choose among a wide selection of wines, rakia and other alcoholic and soft drinks to offer you. A special selection of 1982 wines is set aside for connoisseurs.

The hosts recommend: Merlot or Cabernet special selection, and for rakia lovers - the exclusive homemade Muskat rakia from the Pomorie region.

The Music:

Chevermeto is the only catering establishment in Bansko equipped with state-of-the-art sound system for live music.

There is a wide range of music styles to choose from at Chevermeto. Talented musicians will play and sing for you practically non-stop every night and the repertoire is chosen to suit the guests' desires.
From traditional Macedonian folksongs, to pop, folk, Greek and Serbian songs - not to forget Bulgarian hit songs - all of it comes to you in a professional, yet passionate, performance. The music will help you relax and turn the evening into a truly unforgettable feast.

Address: 2770, Bansko 4, Vazrazhdane Square

Chevermeto restaurant, BanskoChevermeto restaurant, Bansko

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