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Hotels in Chepelare

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Chepelare - Places to go

Cultural, natural and historic landmarks in Chepelare

Its not an easy task to describe all landmarks and interesting places that you should visit in Chepelare. The lifestyle and the cultural development made the place particularly attractive for every type of holidaymaker. We will find a cultural heritage, many monuments and authentic traditions.
Chepelare, a famous ski and mountain resort in Rhodope Mountain, is an ethnographic and folklore reserve.

There are several archaeological landmarks in the region of Chepelare- three medieval necropolises and a medieval settlement.
If you are an adventurer and prefer cultural landmarks, then you should take into consideration that you will be able to explore many monuments, temples, museums in Chepelare, so a day or two are not enough.

The first place which we recommend you to visit is the Museum of the Rhodope Karst, the only one of a kind on the Balkan Peninsula.

If you are an energetic person who cannot get the most of the tranquility, so your attraction has its name- Museum of Ski and Winter sports. It will present the history of ski sport in the region of Chepelare. The museum houses 900 exhibits- ski, medals, photos etc. The museum of ski in Chepelare is one of the museums which keep the story of Bulgaria sportsmen and their awards.

The most impressive temple in Chepelare is St.Atanasii Veliki. It was constructed in 1834. It is cultural monument of national importance.

Another cultural monument that is associated with Bulgarian life is the church The assumption of Virgin Mary. It was built in 1866.

Chepelare has a myriad of other landmarks that you should also visit- chapels, mosques etc.
The fortress Zarenitsa in Pavelsko village is hidden in a pine forest.

If you are curious to know what lies beyond our galaxy, then dont hesitate to visit Rozhen Observatory. It is located 14km away from Chepelare. The observatory is one of the five biggest European observatories. It has 4 telescopes and the biggest one is 2m mirror telescope.

If you would like to walk and enjoy the serenity, then visit the City Garden, a beautiful park next to the city square. There are children playground, many benches and alleys in the park. It is also equipped with facilities for disabled visitors.

Landmarks near Chepelare

Chepelare lies in the heart of the mountain which makes it a base point for exciting routes in Rhodopes.
One of the most attractive natural landmarks in the region is Wonderful Bridges. The impressive phenomenon is located at an altitude of 1450m. It was proclaimed for a protected area in 1949. The bridge is 12-15m wide and the length is 96m. It is believed that the bridges were created after a deep cave had collapsed. All bridges make the incomparable natural phenomenon that is one of the most attractive landmarks in the region.

Chepelare features a network of various theme routes and they also vary in difficulty. A part of the routes follows the trace of an ancient Roman road.

Only 10km away from Chepelare you will find the reserve Momchilovski Dol which comprises a forest, venerable trees, lakes and protected areas.

Other interesting holiday spots are Shiroka Luka and Smolyan.

Places of interest in Chepelare


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