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Chepelare ski resort - ski area information

Ski holidays in the winter capital of the Balkans- facilities, ski tracks, snow sports, lifts, activities

If you feel like trying something different and yet enjoyable this winter, the picturesque and mountainous resort Chepelare is definitely your place. Actually, it is particularly suitable for skiers who wish to avoid the crowds and holidaymakers who appreciate the serene atmosphere and homely ambience.

Chepelare ski resort is a cut above the rest in terms of good value for money, various entertainment options and enjoyable holiday. Provided that you cannot determine whether it fits into your idea of a ski holiday destination, you should simply carry on reading our ski guide which provides useful information about ski tracks, facilities, improvements, aprs-ski activities and many more. Additionally, you should ask yourself whether you prefer a rather quiet vacation or noisy skiing adventures. If the first applies to you, dont head for Bansko or Pamporovo, but book your ski holiday in Chepelare today.

The beautiful town of Chepelare, a magnet for both Bulgarian and foreign fans of the white stuff, lies at an altitude of 1150 m, so it is particularly suitable for beginners or skiers who wish to improve their technique. Chepelare is located 75 km away from the ancient Plovdiv city and 10 km to the north of the sunniest ski resort in Bulgaria, Pamporovo. Chepelare is the hidden gem of Rhodopi Mountain as it is not only a place for a ski holiday, but also an attractive vacation. Hence, if you opt for a holiday in Chepelare, you can combine your experience with a lovely adventure in Pamporovo as well.

Sport Centre Chepelare has it all you need for fantastic winter sport activities. The resort is equipped with modern facilities and well-groomed ski tracks.
The pleasant transitional climate in Chepelare ski resort is strongly influenced by the Aegean sea, the century-old spruce, pine and fir forests. The frequent snow precipitation, great number of sunny days, hospitality of local people and modern ski infrastructure make Chepelare one of the most favourite small ski resorts. The ski season in Chepelare starts in mid December and finishes in the beginning of April.

If you think that this charming mountain resort has sprung out all of sudden, you are totally wrong. Chepelare maintains long traditions in skiing. Actually, the first ski school in the town was established in 1954. Therefore, ski instructors boast generations of learners who still can master their skills in the resort and achieve great ski performances.

The Sport school for Ski alpine and Biathlon activities was found in 1969 and the greatest contribution to Bulgaria is the world famous Ekaterina Dafovska, an Olympic gold medalist.

The first ski factory in Chepelare ski resort was established in 1975. It started producing snowboards in 1992. Subsequently, the factory was bought in 1992 by Amersports.
The first official competition in the resort was organized in 1974. It was named Mechi Chal Cup, carrying the name of the peak above the town. The winter is not so cold in Chepelare, so the healthy climate made the resort a wonderful ski holiday venue. Chepelare hosted twice World Alpine Ski Cup which is a true recognition for the excellent properties of all ski slopes.

The popular sports centre Chepelare which also won the hearts of skiers and snowboarders welcomes you with 20km ski slopes and tracks for alpine skiing. All ski runs are properly marked and thoroughly maintained in accordance with the European standards. Ski runs in Chepelare span over the length of 11 400 м at the total area of 912 799 m2. All ski tracks are well maintained and the average thickness of the snow blanket is over 1,2m. Four snow grooming machines that provide great productivity and efficiency process the ski tracks in Chepelare. Its noteworthy that Chepelare is the first winter resort whose ski tracks are provided with free Wireless Internet. Thus, when all mountaineers, skiers and snowboarders get a little bit tired, they can surf on the web with their laptop or smartphone.
Ski centre Chepelare is located at the foot of Mechi Chal Peak /1873m/ and therefore one has an easy access from the town centre /1km/.

Mechi Chal ( translated in English means Bear Peak) provides skiers with the following:

  • Alpine ski run 3250 m long, 50 m wide, fall 720m;
  • tourist ski run 5150 m long, 25 m wide, fall 720 m;
  • long distance skiing 3000 m long, 1860 m elevation

Mechi Chal 1 slope for alpine skiing is 3,150 m long, 50 m wide and has an elevation of 720 m. The ski slope is licensed to host International competitions for downhill skiing and snowboarding. Mechi Chal 2 slope is a tourist slope 5,250 m long, 25 m wide and has an elevation of 720 m.

One of the main runs in Chepelare is particularly suitable for advanced skiers who dare to challenge themselves. It spreads over a length 3250 m. 47, top-notch snow cannons, produced by French-American company Johnson Controls, ensure the guaranteed artificial snow on the ski track. It can be covered with a snow blanket within 100 hours provided that the temperature is below 0. Ski track Mechi Chal is serviced by a two-seat tow lift that has a capacity of 600 persons per hour. There are baby drags at the Plateau near Mechi Chal peak, so novices will not get bored as well.
Skiers can also enjoy the green ski run which satisfies the needs of all intermediate sportsmen. The total length of the ski run is 6km as it is separated by several smaller ski tracks that are of different level of difficulty. Skiers and snowboarders who love to undertake risks and be on the crest of the wave should head for 1,2-km long red run that is usually covered with substantial snow.

In Chepelare you will also find ski runs for cross-country skiing and biathlon. Their total length is over 25 km. Chepelare winter resort also caters for kids as there are nursery ski-schools for them, as well as a children ski tow.

If you are not an experienced skier and you wish to learn some techniques in order to run into the world of snow adventures, 150 ski tutors will help you take control over abilities. All instructors are fluent in several languages and follow a strict schedule in order to make sure that everybody feels comfortable with the learning process. For more information about ski tuition and ski lift passes, please, visit Chepelare ski services and packages.

The snowboard park in Chepelare is the most exciting place for all kinds of winter sports enthusiasts. There are three facilities which allow you to enjoy yourself all day long. Even though Chepelare offers many ski opportunities, it doesnt have a half pipe facility yet. Additionally, Chepelare doesnt provide night skiing adventures.

The ski lift network services 11 200 persons per hour and provide access to all ski runs. 4-seat lift with the capacity of 2000 persons per hour provides tourists with easy access to sport centre Chepelare. The lift will take you to the Mechi Chal peak in only 9 minutes. The lift network was constructed by the French company Pomagalski. There are four ski tow lifts in Chepelare.

Chepelare is also a modern resort and the local municipality constantly improves the conditions in the resort to make sure that tourists are satisfied with their stay in the resort. Hence, the access system has been modernized and improved by the Austrian company Axess. In this way, skiers will not wait any longer, but they will easily get access to the ski slopes.

There are many reasons why you may visit Chepelare. It is considered to be the most affordable ski resort in Bulgaria, following the top ski venues. Also, ski lift passes can be purchased at relatively low prices this is also an advantage for those on a tight budget. Chepelare is more a family-friendly resort than a party destination. Therefore, you should take into consideration that is ideal for family ski getaway, fab ski weekend and complete recreation. You may book a holiday for your friends and family to enjoy your conversations by the sparkling fire or taste the delicious meals and a glass of finest wines at a local tavern. However, the rich variety of ski runs and wide choice of aprs-ski activities will be surely found in the nearby Pamporovo.


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