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Museum of Bulgarian Revival - Varna

On 27 July Str. in Varna one can find an ancient building related to the cultural and social life of the Bulgarians during the Revival. There were located the school, the church, the library and the municipality of the town till 1878.
The school was established on August 12, 1860. It was situated in a private house, but on July 25, 1862 it was moved into a special built edifice. The two brothers Cyril and Methodius who written the Bulgarian-Slavic alphabet were its patrons. On February 14, 1865 a priest named Konstantin Danovski sanctified on the school’s ground floor the first Bulgarian church in the town. In 1866 an independent Girl’s high School opened in Varna, later it was moved into one of the central schools halls. In 1959 the edifice was transformed into a museum – the Museum of the Bulgarian Revival.

The visitors can see a restored classroom with sandy desks where the children have learned how to write. Thes orders of praise and the black boards of reprobation meant for the pupils excite interest. Òhe original blackboard with the alphabet has been preserved too. Nearby the classroom one can see the church “Saint Archangel Mihail” with some very interesting icons.

On the second floor there is an exposition with some original manuscripts and ancient editions from the 18 th and the 19 th C. The engravings from the 19 th C, the lock of the city gates, as well as some antique weapons from the 18 th and the 19 th C. and burial finds of the perished in the Russian – Turkish war attract the attention. There is an exhibition ”Ancient Varna in pictures” who reveals the unique atmosphere of the town from the 19 th and the beginning of the 20 th century.

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