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Ethnographical museum - Varna

The Ethnographical museum in Varna is in a house built about 1860 as well as in an annex which is harmoniously connected with the old building located in 22 Panaguyrishte Street.
The collection of exhibits gives a true idea of the rich variety in the way of living and culture of the population inhabiting Varna district during the last years of the 19 th and the beginning of the 20 th century.
On the first floor are displayed the main means of livelihood: farming, stock-breeding, fishing, apiculture , vine-growing and wine-producing. Various tools and products of certain occupations typical for the district of Varna are illustrated e.g. brazier’s produce, leather manufacture, homespun tailoring, cooperage.

The national costumes reveal the demographic peculiarities of the population in the district. The adornments on display, including belt buckles, belts, rings, bracelets, etc. have been used as accessories to the clothing. The festive and family traditions such as wedding, Christmas, New Year tide, “Petlyov” Day, St. Lazar’s Day, St. George’s Day, Easter, the New Year ritual “Kamili” and some others are illustrated by folk dresses and ritual requisite. The interior decoration of a wealthy city house is displayed on the third floor. There is a reception hall, a parlour, a bedroom and a kitchen.

• Working time: (V-X) – 10-17 ÷.
• Days off – Monday (May, 01- October, 30)
• Sunday and Saturday (November, 01-April, 30)

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