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Hotels in Dobrinishte

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Dobrinishte - Places to go

Natural, historic, architectural landmarks in Dobrinishte and the region

Dobrinishte is a popular holiday destination due to the impressive architecture of houses from Bulgarias Revival period. Also, you can the great chance to explore exciting routes that will lead you to the highest parts of Pirin Mountain- Popovo Lake, Kremenski Lakes and Samodivski Peak.

The church Pavel is one of the most important landmarks in Dobrinishte. It is located in the centre of the town. It is built in 1835 and is proclaimed for a cultural monument of architectural significance.

The monastery St.Panteleymon is another sacred place which worth a visit. It lies 3km southeast of Dobrinishte. The monastery is built in 20ties of 20th century. It comprises of a temple and a residential building.

The church Nativity of Virgin Mary is also located in Dobrinishte. It was built in 1684. It was destroyed twice. The temple was fully renovated in 1985. Unfortunately, nowadays we can see only 4 royal icons and 1 stone icon, carrying an inscription.

Water resources possess a kind of restorative properties and therefore you can wash all your worries away whilst being near a waterfall or a river. Dont hesitate, but head for the waterfall Saint Nikola.

The beautiful Pirin edelweiss is a flower which is a protected plant in Bulgaria. As we know from the Bible, all forbidden fruits taste the sweetest... If you dont wish to violate the law, but still want to possess such a wonderful flower, then we advise you to go to the Edelweiss Garden of Ivan Parin. Its one of a kind in Bulgaria and hence its the only place where you can buy a mountain edelweiss.

Dobrinishte is situated near Nature Park Pirin and perhaps this is the reason why the visitor usually spends a couple of hours in the wonderful park, embraced in greenery. Yet, Bezbog park zone is not less attractive. It includes a part of the reserve Ulen, encompassing Polezhan Peak and the circus where Polezhanski Lakes are located.

We have outlined the most interesting tourist routes that provide great ideas for your journey through the green labyrinths of Pirin Mountain:

  • Bezbog Lake- Bezbog Peak
  • Bezbog Lake- Disilishki Lakes
  • Bezbog Lake- Popovo Lake- Kremenski Lakes
  • Bezbog Lake-Popovo Lake- Pirin chalet
  • Bezbog Lake-Demyanitsa chalet

We advise you to go to the final station of the narrow gauge railway Dobrinishte-Septemvri. You will experience 5-hour memorable excursion in the gorgeous nature of Pirin and Rhodope Mountain. The route of the narrow gauge railway passes through Bansko, Razlog and SPA resort Velingrad.