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Easter 2011

Easter Holiday Promotions 2011 and Vacation Deals in Bulgaria. Easter holiday deals in mountain, spa and beach resorts in Bulgaria.

Offers for Easter 2011 - Recommended hotels

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Easter holiday ideas 2011

Easter is a holy Orthodox holiday which touches our hearts. Easter falls on 24th and 25th of April in 2011. Easter holiday breaks are not only a great occasion to relax, explore our inner world, devote time to our faith in a better world and the beauty of tomorrow. Easter holiday feast provides us with some days for a short break, so it’s a wonderful idea to gather the family together and head off for an exciting destination for our Easter getaway. Sometimes even though we try to manage our arrangements, our days seem chaotic and we tend to forget how important it is to steal away time for ourselves.

No matter how often you visit Bulgaria, we are sure that you have not explored all destinations that worth a visit and sometimes we perceive our holiday experience in a different way. The world is full of beautiful destinations and perhaps our time is not sufficient to visit them all. However, the best holiday venue for Easter is the one where we feel good, relaxed, well catered and exalted. There are many destinations in Bulgaria which offer fab Easter promotions and you can benefit from choosing a suitable Easter package for the whole family.

One of our top picks is Veliko Turnovo, because it’s the holiday spot where you can plunge yourself into a romantic ambience, stroll along the narrow cobbled streets, visit Tsarevets Hill and have a dinner in a local tavern after you have bought a handmade souvenir from the so popular ‘Street of Crafts’.

If you are craving for spectacular sunsets, early spring sunshine, crystal clear waters of Black Sea, then your holiday idea for Easter break 2011 will be Sunny Beach, Golden Sands or Bulgaria’s seaside capital, Varna. Albena is located near the coastal town of Balchik and your Easter holiday is a wonderful occasion to allocate some time and visit the Botanical Garden in Balchik. Another local attraction is the unique complex ‘The Castle’ which used to a residency of the Romanian queen Mariya.

Let’s continue to the sunny Varna where your memories will last for a lifetime. Even though Varna is quite popular as a summer holiday destination, it’s a venue for all year round tourism and Easter is not an exception. You will feel the unique atmosphere in the big city and make sure that you get involved in the local traditions in regard to Easter celebration. The cathedral in Varna city is bathed in light by night and we are sure that you will be eager to take some photos and bring them to your relatives at home. Don’t miss to visit the temple ‘St.Nikolay Mirlikiiski the Wonderworker’ and light a candle on the occasion of the holiest religious holiday in Orthodox Calendar, namely the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Then we walk to the Summer Garden in Varna where you can spend your day strolling around and admiring the blue sea. If you have a convenient means of transport, we recommend you to visit Aladzha Monastery which is located only 14km away from Varna city. ‘Aladzha’ in Turkish means ‘motley’ and the name of the monastery has been chosen due to the bright murals which are full of colours from the Early Middle Ages.

In case you prefer more serene holiday spots for your Easter holiday break, we inevitably pick Lovetch town for you. You can visit the Devetashka cavern, the bridge of the famous Bulgarian architect Koliyo Ficheto or simply appreciate the romance in the small town.

We love all seasons, however, the nature is beautifully embraced in greenery and flowers in spring, so the season inspires us to think about the freshness of tomorrow and a whole world which waits to be explored. One of destinations which provides full value for Easter holidays 2011 is Devin. It is a popular SPA resort, blessed with miraculous mineral springs, beautiful nature and quiet atmosphere.

Easter Holidays in Bulgaria 2011

Easter is celebrated throughout Bulgaria and it’s one of the most important holidays in the Orthodox calendar.The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is the day when Jesus Christ was crucified and rose from the dead. Then he was ascended to heaven and now he is at God's right side. We, Christians, pay tribute to the holiday with prayers and services in the churches.

Easter is associated with many common and local traditions. Some of the popular symbols of Easter are Easter eggs and bunnies. Easter can be called the spring festival of the rejuvenation of life and living.

The Easter Sunday date varies every year, because it’s based on the calculations of the lunar calendar. This year Easter Sunday falls on 24th of April 2011. Easter Sunday is always the first Sunday after the First Full moon after 21st of March. Easter is celebrated in both religious and secular ways, however, it is widely perceived as a religious holiday for all Christian families throughout the world. Easter Sunday 2011’s tradition customs are the Easter Vigil, the lighting of the Paschal candles, singing hymns and reading extracts from the Old Testament.

It’s time for sunshine- Sunniest Easter Holiday Packages 2011

Easter is the first chance to leave the winter fatigue behind our backs. We can surprise ourselves with a family break for Easter and breathe crystal clear mountainous air whilst exploring exciting eco paths. The good news is that we can choose from many Easter holiday destinations in Bulgaria and opt for the sunnier venues such as Golden Sands and Albena or seek the mountainous beauties of Troyan. It’s a wonderful idea to explore the cultural heritage of Rousse which is not called ‘small Vienna’ just by a pure coincidence. Also, we can visit the impress ethnographical and architectural reserve Shiroka Luka or fancy hitting the slopes in Bansko or Pamporovo.

No matter whether you are looking for Easter weekend break or a longer vacation, you will have the ideal opportunity to explore the multifaceted Bulgaria which nature bids you a warm welcome to the Garden of Beauty.
Easter is a good occasion to have glorious time with your kids and pick your offer for Easter 2011 at an affordable price. Not only do you choose from a variety of holiday destinations which guaranteed that your Easter holiday 2011 will last for a lifetime, but you can also bag a real bargain.

In spite of having different opinions about your Easter break 2011, all family members will be satisfied with your choice as you will the chance to relax, spend some time together, explore a new destination and pay tribute to the holiest religious holiday in the Orthodox calendar.