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No booking fees apply. Cancellation is FREE, except for last minute bookings - you can see the terms for free cancellation when you select dates and services.

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The hotel is fully booked for the following dates: 24.06.2024 - 28.06.2024.

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Double room: There are no available rooms of this type in the hotel for the selected dates.
You can book DBL room without a balcony instead for the total price of 1011€.
If you submit your reservation, a member of our team will offer you similar accommodation in an equivalent hotel.

No Show - 2 overnights
Change of name/s or date/s of stay will be considered as a new booking.
Change of reservation with early booking discount will be considered as a new booking and the discount will be cancelled.
Неявяване 2 нощувки
Промяната на име/на или дата/и на престой ще се счита за нова резервация.
Промяната на резервация с ранни записвания ще се счита за нова резервация и отстъпката ще бъде анулирана.

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