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Golden Sands webcam - live!

Live beach webcam in Bendita apart-hotel - Golden Sands resort, Bulgaria

Webcam in Golden Sands beach resort, Bulgaria, in Bendita apartment hotel. The web camera shows the pool of the hotel, the beach in Golden Sands and the sea. The webcam uploads live photos from the resort every minute. An archive of the webcam images at every 20 minutes is kept for the last 3 seasons since the launch of the cam.

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Live Webcam at 10:40 Golden Sands Local Time. Refresh.

View the webcam in full size.

Bendita apart-hotel info Book Bendita apart-hotel

Golden Sands resort info All Golden Sands hotels

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Golden Sands web cam archive  

Below you can find archive snapshots from the webcam. Web cam shapshots are archived at every 15 or 20 minutes since the launch of the golden web camera. Click on the links to view a flash slideshow of the archive web cam images.

 → Golden Sands web cam - 08.05.14
 → Golden Sands web cam - 07.05.14
 → Golden Sands web cam - 06.05.14
 → Golden Sands web cam - 05.05.14
 → Golden Sands web cam - 04.05.14
 → Golden Sands web cam - 03.05.14
 → Golden Sands web cam - 02.05.14
 → Golden Sands web cam - 01.05.14

April 2014 archive   

March 2014 archive   

February 2014 archive   

January 2014 archive   

2013 archive


dawn park - Australia, 17.04.2012 14:17

i found your hotel it is the same name as mine i would like too come & stay there where is bulgaria ???? i live in australia thanks.. dawn park - Romania, 06.04.2011 10:43

This is from 2011 or what reamin from 2010?

Heike - Germany, 24.02.2011 15:16


your webcam isnt working - again.
Please update....


Neo - Germany, 22.02.2011 00:39

Please update Cam---- 21.02.2011

Steve Redriver - Hungary, 08.07.2010 09:45

Permanently same pictures? Is it correct? Please, do something real!

admin - Bulgaria, 24.06.2010 17:36

hi all,
the cam in golden sands is finally working!

Neo - from Germany - Germany, 08.06.2010 15:33

Hmmm... no Updates, plz repair...
Cu on 20/06/2010


admin - Bulgaria, 25.05.2010 13:52

Hi all,

We apologise for the inconvenience. We have noticed the issue and we are working on the resolution. Please, bear with us until the issue is resolved and the camera will be live again. We will approach you here with updates.
Thank you for your patience.

Anna-Kazakhstan - Kazakhstan, 25.05.2010 08:03

PLease, check web cam... WE want updates!

Germany - Germany, 24.05.2010 16:24

no updates?

Teo - Lithuania, 04.05.2010 15:46

view is not updated.

m pas - Romania, 20.04.2010 08:37

as vrea sa fiu acolo

andreas - CYPRUS, 25.08.2009 13:07

veri nice hotel

You'd like to show images from our webcams on your website? Contact us to find out how.


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