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Health tourism in Bulgaria- one of the most modern forms of travel

Anita Valentinova, 01.04.2012

Bulgaria again puts efforts into making itself one of Europe’s premier health tourism destinations. Health tourism has developed over the recent years and this type of tourism has generated nearly six million tourists. In terms of natural resources and hot springs, Bulgaria is blessed with an abundance which makes it top choice for SPA and wellness breaks in Europe. It is the third country in Europe that has many natural springs, healing waters and a great diversity of treatments upon request.

Bulgaria is one of Europe’s favoured SPA venues, however, it does not promote the health tourism that much. Bulgaria has recently formed a different strategy to give a boost to health tourism. Health and wellness centres in Bulgaria now communicate their packages and health services in order to convey the message ‘Health tourism in 4 seasons in Bulgaria’.

Bulgarian government has updated some regulations in order to make them at the same level as of those of other European countries. At the moment, the legal changes are updated in order to make all regulations appropriate to fit the market reality and establish new relationship between all te participants in the field of health services, spa and wellness. Bulgarian SPA and wellness resorts are modernized, they boast best facilities, high standard of service and excellent accommodation amenities. Bulgaria puts much efforts into the development of health tourism in order to promote serious potential to all holidaymakers who appreciate high quality services and ample opportunities. Bulgaria boasts all the resources to rival countries such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Austria, Turkey and Romania. Those countries advance with SPA tourism as they register an aggressive marketing and advertising activity.

In order to create better experiences for tourists and a world of choices, Bulgaria should work towards the implementation of a coherent strategy that identifies and resolves all the issues, pertaining to the development of health and wellness tourism.

It is a complex and challenging task to promote and advertise the new brand of Bulgaria "Health Tourism in the Four Seasons ", however, by leveraging the broad experience and the natural resources, Bulgaria by no doubt has the potential to become one of Europe’s best health tourism destinations.