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More tourists in the village of Dobursko


The picturesque mountainous village Dobursko near Bansko has welcomed many tourists this summer. The guests of the village are many and local people have decided to invest in the development of hotels and leverage the opportunities for rural tourism in the region. The tourism boom in the village of Dobursko is due to a couple of reasons. Prices in the village are more affordable than hotel prices in Bansko resort. The famous Doburski Babi personally welcome the visitors in the village.

Every night the 12 Doburski treasures sing their magic songs at the square of the village. When they stop singing, they delight the guests with their other talents, because grandmothers from Dobursko (Doburski Babi) prepare their delicious local dishes, homemade banitsa and wine. Most of the houses in Dobursko are equipped with at least one room where they can accommodate guests who would like to see the natural landmarks in the region. More and more tourists prefer Dobursko instead of Bansko, because the village is an excellent venue for a summer holiday in the mountain. One of the top landmarks in the picturesque village Dobursko is the unique church St.Teodor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat. The chapel is famous for its unusual architecture. It is built as a basilica and the walls are covered with unique murals. The most impressive wall painting in the church is “Jesus Christ in a rocket”.