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Mountain holiday in Bulgaria Ė Seven Rila Lakes


One of the most impressive landmarks in Bulgaria which embody the beauty of the country is the Seven Rila Lakes. This group of lake has a glacial origin. They are located in the Northwestern part of Rila Mountain. Every traveler who is enchanted with the beautiful Bulgaria should have heard about Rila. The Rila Lakes are famous for their majesty. They are located at an altitude of 2100 to 2500m. The lakes are situated in a terraced way and each lake drains away into the one below through thin streamlets which sometimes form small cascades. Each lake has its unique name which is a result of its shape and geographical features.

Sylzata (the tear) is located at the highest altitude. It has crystal clear waters. The second deepest lake in Bulgaria, 37.5m depth has an ideal oval shape and it is called the Eye (Okoto). Bubreka (The Kidney) is the lake which has the steepest banks while Bliznaka (Twins) is the biggest lake from all the Seven Rila Lakes. During the dry years the lake was transformed into two smaller lakes, and this is the reason for its name.

Then we continue to Trilistnika which banks are located at the lowest level and it has an irregular shape. Ribnoto Lake (Fish Lake) is another beautiful water resource in the heart of Rila. Dolnoto Ezero (The Lower lake) is the name of the seventh lake. It is the place where the waters that flow out of the other six lakes are gathered and they all form the Dzherman River.

Itís an exciting and challenging journey to visit Rila mountain. The mountain offers impressive views, crystal clear waters and it definitely can test the endurance of everyone who is willing to explore it! Seven Rila Lakes are a natural phenomenon which you should visit at least once. In case you are captivated by the variety of Bulgarian nature, then you should indulge yourself in the serenity of the lakes and the surrounding area. Seven Rila lakes are a landmark that worth visiting.

To visit is not enough, though, just prepare yourself to feel an amazing journey. Even if you visit the lakes in autumn, you will see that itís not cold at all, maybe itís the smile of the traveller and the gift of the nature, a landmark that you cannot see during a regular day.

If you wish to visit the Seven Rila Lakes, then itís a good idea to stay at Panichishte, a mountainous resort, offering opportunities for ski and mountainous holidays in Bulgaria.