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Obzor - Places to go

Besides finest beaches, silky sands and caressing sun, Obzor offers many cultural landmarks.
First stop is the Orthodox church John the Forerunner.
Then you may set off to the park where you will find columns and remnants of statues from the temple of Jupiter and other ancient fragments. The village Byala is located to the north of Obzor and it is famous for producing the wine Dimyat.

St.Nikola Cape is one of the places that definitely worth visiting. This is the point where Balkan Mountain Range reaches the sea. After the cape Saint Nikola, we will reach the central cape, called Emine. This is the place where it is believed that the mountain area ends. The fortress Emona was once situated on the cape Emine and the area was popular as Paleocastro. In case you wish to touch the unique traditions, you should head for the village Emona which lies near Emona cape. The village will impress you with its authenticity and informality. According to Iliad, the poem traditionally attributed to Homer, Thracian King Rez, a soldier in the Troyan war, was born in the village Emona. The area of the village will impress you with its beautiful, intact nature and mountainous terrain. Beaches near Emine Cape are small and rocky, however, they are extremely attractive for the thrill-seekers.

Emine Cape is one of the Black Sea lighthouses of Bulgaria. It is the southern part of the Balkan Mountain Range and it divides formally North and South Black Sea.
Emona lighthouse is located 2km away from the village Emona. It is one of the six lighthouses at Bulgarias Black Sea coast. It is the pride of local people. Its tower is 9.4m high. The lighthouse was established in 1880.

The fortress Paleokastro /Old fortress/ is located near Emine Cape and it is also known as Aemon. Unfortunately, we can see only bare remnants of the fortress.

A shrine St.Nikola is located one kilometer away from the cape Emine. Even though the church is a monument of culture, it is devastated and abandoned. It was a part of a monastery St.Nikola, built in 10th century, destroyed by the Turks and soon after restored. If you go only 1km to the north, you will find a paradise spot, called Irakli.

Also, we suggest you to visit the small resort Byala that used to be an old Greek colony in the Antiquity. There old stone anchors were found at the beach. They date back to the 6th century BC. There are remnants of a Roman fortress near the settlement.

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