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Pamporovo ski resort - Places to go

Well, I am sure that you have already enjoyed your time at the infinite ski tracks in Pamporovo. Also, you might have explored the cool eco trails in Pamporovo and now you are ready to carry on discovering this beautiful world, full of cultural and historic landmarks. It is said that you should get acquainted with a place in order to love it! Lets reach the top of Snezhanka peak and admire on the beautiful landscape before you make a plan what to visit in Pamporovo.

Mystical Rhodopi Mountain is attractive for Bulgarian and foreign tourists alike. They all are curious to explore interesting places, landmarks and unusual natural phenomenon. Natural formations in Rhodopi Mountain are one of a kind. The preserved monuments of spiritual consciousness, the treasury of the Rhodopi talent that created and shaped the present appearance of the region, the authentic atmosphere in these paradise spot- you should visit everything and feel it in your own way.

In order to explore as many places as possible, we invite you to join us and book one of our weekend offers that make you feel like a local for at least two days. We will visit the Museum Stoyuo Sishkov in Smolyan city, the Museum of Spaleology in Chepelare, the latter is one of a kind in Bulgaria, but after we have admired at the extraordinary Orpheus Rocks.

Smolyan Lakes, one of the most impressive natural landmarks in the region, are scattered all the way from the area of Orpheus Rocks to Smolyan city. The number of lakes were 20, but now we can visit only 7 of them as the rest vanished. Smolyan Lakes are very interesting and the atmosphere is enthralling, so dont miss to practice your yoga exercises near the water resources- the spring of life.

Shiroka Luka village lies only 11km away from Pamporovo. It is a famous architectural, ethnographic and folklore reserve. The name of the village is derived from Luka which means meandering. The village boasts incredible beauty, authentic Rhodopi houses, located amphitheatrically at both banks of the river. Visitors are impressed with the skillfully finished decoration which is typical of the period of Bulgarian Renaissance. The village hosts the interesting local event, one of the biggest mask festivals in Bulgaria, in the beginning of March. So, if you happen to be there, just remember the name of the festival Pesponedelnik.

The next must-see location is Stoykite village. It is famous for the negative ionization of the air which has a positive impact on your health and helps you recharge your batteries. This reminds me that our next stop is Momchilovtsi village which is perfect for rural tourism opportunities. Also, you can visit the village Progled which features lush natural surroundings and venerable spruce forests.

If you have decided to thoroughly explore Rhodope Mountain, please, dont miss to visit National Astronomy Observatory at Rozhen Peak.

Our trip continues to Narechen, a holiday destination that is beloved due to the wealth of mineral springs and healing climate. It lies only 38km away from Pamporovo. Narechen is located in a small gorge along the River Assentisa.

Impressed with the beauty of Rhodopi Mountain, cute mountain villages that kept the original Bulgarian spirit, we head for another interesting venue, namely Plovdiv city. The ancient Philipopolis, the second biggest city in Bulgaria, will definitely astound you with the unique blend of ancient, cultural heritage, modern technology and dynamic lifestyle. We cannot tell you more about the Old Plovdiv, because you should visit it in order to feel the specific atmosphere and peculiar charm of this city.

Bachkovo Monastery is also located near Pamporovo resort. It lies in the valley of Chepelarska River. You will see splendid murals and exquisite icons. The focal point in Bachkovo Monastery is the icon of Virgin Mary which is considered to be miracle-working.

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