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Borisova Gradina Park (Central Park)

The major park in Sofia is the Vitosha Park which spreads over the mountain. However, the biggest park within the city’s area is the Borisova Gradina Park /Borissova Garden, The Garden of Boris/, also popular as the Central Park.
The Borisova Garden lies Tsarigradsko Chaussee Boulevard, more precisely between the Eagles’ Bridge /Orlov Most/ and Vassil Levski stadium.

The former name of the today’s Borisova Garden is The Park of Freedom. Soon after it was named after Bulgarian Prince Boris III.Today it is considered the most beautiful and maintained park in Sofia . The Borissova Gradina Park is the favourite recreation place of most citizens of Sofia . There indeed you will find the Ariana Lake, The National Stadium Vassil Levski, the stadium of Bulgarian Army, tennis courts, playgrounds, swimming pools, bars and restaurants and more importantly- tranquillity and recreation possibilities.

The park was established soon after The Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman Yoke ( 1878 ). For the construction a Swiss specialist was invited, who worked for the realization of the concept for several decades. In the beginning the expert planted the park with fruit trees as the Garden was planned to be used like a nursery where trees and flowers would grow.
He had the greatest preference to the acacia. Later on were planted many different trees like Acacia, Mulberry, Elms, trumpet flowers were planted .Thus the nursery became a wonderful garden and grew to the southwest.
However, Prince Ferdinand, subsequently, issued an official order and fruit trees were replaced with bushes, deciduous trees and coniferous species. One may admire at Ariana Lake which welcomes you at the beginning of the Borisova Garden park. There water wheels are available from spring to late autumn. Subsequently, as the winter frost falls, the Ariana Lake turns into a favourite place for young and old as the largest open ice skating-rink in East Europe is available there. There are numerous alleys in the park, benches and spots for your recreation.

As you stroll along the paths, you will come across old monuments of prominent Bulgarians. A large monuments from the time of Socialism regime also rise in end of the park and the most popular representative of the epoch is the Brotherly Mound. It is also a place where one can find many busts of Bulgarian revolutionaries, National Revival leaders, writers and poets.

Nowadays many different events, cultural and educational activities are organized at the Borisova Garden.
All this beautiful park has, of course, makes it a very special place to spend an hour or so.
If you want to have a great day walking and playing in the centre of Sofia , but at the same time away from the everyday grind, then the Borisova Gradina is the right place for you.
In summary, the Borissova Garden is a piece of paradise in the very center of the bustling Bulgaria’s capital city.

Borisova Gradina Park (Central Park) on the map of Sofia

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