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Boyana Waterfall

‘’It looks like as if this waterfall does not come from the Vitosha Mountain, but somewhere from the sky, carrying the rays of the azure and the noise of their storms.’’
Ivan Vazov, "The Waterfall"

Distance from the Boyana Quarter: 4.5 km /approx. 2 hours/

The Boyana waterfall is located some 4.5 km from the center of Boyana quarter. The most convenient way to reach Boyana Quarter is taking the bus number 64 from Hladilnika Quarter.
The Boyana Waterfall is considered the most beautiful and largest waterfall in Vitosha Mountain. The only sound that may interrupt the unique silence and true serenity of the breathtaking scenery is the one of the splashing waters, falling gracefully from 15 m. In 1920 the Patriarch of the Bulgarian Literature Ivan Vazov wrote travel notes after a trip to the waterfall as the magnificent scenery has inspired him. The Boyana Waterfall is on the Boyana River in the magnificent Vitosha Mountain.
The enchanting waterfall is especially beautiful in spring when the snows are melting.

There is hardly a mountaineer from Sofia , who has missed to visit this beautiful and popular spot in the Vitosha Mountain. Being one of most important natural landmarks in Sofia, the Boyana waterfall deserves our attention. Certainly some of you who are fond of hiking and exploring unusual eco paths and fascinating nature spots will be particularly interested in reading this article, but it is also for those who may consider visiting the Boyana Waterfall. One is sure, though, having been touched by the magic of the Boyana waterfall; one will remember the experience forever.
It is believed that in clear weather during the spring the waterfall can be seen from the city center of Sofia /this is the right place where we would like to invite you to share some photos with us/.

There are two relatively easy trails which lead to the waterfall. The one climbs steeply against the stream of the Boyana River, whereas the other gradually ascends, passing near the Boayna Lake. Once you have accessed the think forest, 200m further you will see a label, indicating the beginning of new path. Then continue straight ahead and soon after comes the easier way. The Boayna artificial lake lies 2km away from Boyana quarter. Then you will see the path, leading to the hut ‘Kamen Del’. The trip continues to the right and soon the visitor will reach Borova Rock, which reveals splendid sceneries towards the valley of Boayna River and Kopitoto.
Once one has reached the area Drenska Glava, they need to take the right path, leading to the waterfall. The murmur of the waterfall and the humid air convince us that we are on the right way and soon after we are in front of the breathtaking waterfall.
However, the waterfall is most easily accessible from the Kopitoto site. Depending on the pace, the weather, enthusiasm and breathtaking natural sceneries, the walk may take about an hour or so, as most of the route is flat. More The last section is a bit more difficult as it is steep, but it leads to the waterfall - a bumpy, rocky terrain that is steep descend to the waterfall. We suggest you to reach the waterfall through walking in the valley of the river from Boyana quarter. The route is longer, but safer and comfortable. In addition to that, you will be fascinated with the breathing sceneries, revealing all your way to the waterfall. Besides the purpose of your trip is enjoying spectacular views, crystal clear mountainous air, stone rives, so there is no need to hurry. The distance that is passed is approximately 5 km on the north slope of Vitosha mountain.

From the Boyana Waterfall you can easily reach another popular site of Vitosha Mountain- Golden Bridges. The stone river is located in the northwest slopes of the mountain at an altitude of 1350 - 1500 m. The river is not formed by glacial processes, but by weathering and denudation of Vitosha blocks.
Finally, being in Boyana Quarter, you may visit the most prominent monument of Bulgaria’s medieval architecture and icon-painting, the Boyana Church. It worth visiting because of the valuable murals, the most popular is the one, depicting the founder Kaloyan and his wife Dessislava.

If you prefer extreme adventures, then do not miss the Boyana Waterfall in the winter.
Boyana waterfall is a popular site for ice climbing. Usually it gets frozen on two ice tongues. The left is easier and the right offer climbing above the average difficulty, so it will be a true challenge for the professionals. There are 8 routes. Between the tongues there are favourable conditions for dry-tooling on the overhang and climbing ice pendants.

Boyana waterfall on the map of Sofia

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