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As you may have written virtually every line of our comprehensive Sofia Guide, you should have discovered that in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, one can see landmarks and attractions as great in number as those in other European cities. Sofia is a unique city because of its characteristic charm and cultural diversity. In the city which ever grows but never ageing, the visitor will discover the grandeur of the ancient Serdika, museums- treasures, and buildings-architectural landmarks with true artistic value. However, it is also true, that every street or square in Sofia is a like a palette of different historic epochs.

The beneficial effects of water fountains on the health of people are not so widely popular. These artificial wonders soothe the nerves and restore the body by the gentle soundand the particles they generate with water, and last but not least with their superb location. Basically nobody gives any thought to the power of the sophisticated design of most water fountains and their impact on human sensibilities. Moreover, some people think that fountains, being water features, devoid of artistic flair. However, fountains are architectural pieces of art which boost the imagination of many the people.
The talented architects, without a doubt, understood how importance the elegance and uniqueness are and how the art of fountains may connote a monument or a garden, which has it as a highlight.

Sofia city is blessed with an array of impressive landmarks and monuments with a rich and interesting history. The city skyline is ever growing with imposing and new developments. Visitors will enjoy the city parks in Bulgaria’s capital, such as the Borissova Garden, City Garden, the National Palace of Culture Park, which have some relaxing areas with fountains and monuments .
The city is home to numerous old buildings and impressive landmarks, such as the Memorial of Unknown Soldier. The Boayana Church is another great place to visit, as the surrounding area offers spectacular views of the city. A few of the most alluring must-see spots in Sofia has at least one fountain, whether it is a large fountain or a charming small one.

Situated in the National Palace of Culture Park in a key location, beautiful fountains there are one of the nation's finest fountains and a public icon of Sofia’s center. One of the first spectacular sights that greet you when you head for a walk in the Park of National Palace of Culture is the fountain, which water taps can be seen from every point of the Garden. The splashing waters of the fountain are especially beautiful during the summer nights when interesting events take place in open air in the Garden of the National Palace of Culture. Hence, the refreshing fountains in the garden provide perfect resting spot for tired sightseers. The fountain in the City Garden is an elegant little masterpiece, exquisitely decorated that stands opposite the National Theatre Ivan Vazov.

The beautiful fountain in front of the Presidency adds to the scenic beauty of this imposing building, which the tourist should see. Should you happen to be there at night, you will see a variety of colours and shapes, coming from this fountain and you will feel how gradually your worries are going away. The fountain is distinguished not only for its exquisite decorative details and artistic sculptures of dancing women, but also for central location in the City Garden and the unique value it adds to the beautiful City Garden.
The centerpiece of the Oborishte Park /Zaimov Park/ is the fountain , set within a handsomely landscaped garden.

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