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St. Nedelya church in Sofia

The Sveta Nedelya church is located just opposite the Sheraton Hotel in the very center of Sofia city. This holy shrine was built in medieval times and it is also known as the Church of the Blessed Saint Graal.
The present building was reconstructed after 1925 when it was nearly destroyed by a bomb explosion.

The “St. Nedelya” Church is in the Sofia’s ideal center on the “St. Nedelya” square, dividing the main city traffic artery of two streets: the “Vitosha blvd. and the “Knyaginya Maria Louisa” blvd. It was established in Medieval times onto relics of the ancient Roman town of Serdica. Later in the period 1856 – 1863 with a permit from Tsarigrad, a new temple was built over the foundations of the old church. On 16.04. 1925 it was almost completely destroyed in a political coup organized by the communist against Tsar Boris III. Later it was fully restored.
Sveta Nedelya, with its huge dome, is a typical example of neo-Byzantine architecture. It has 2 entrances. Its floor and entrance are made of dark marble. The entire church is painted by talented Bulgarian masters. An unknown Bulgarian woman has gifted to the church a large tapestry that illustrates the scene of “The Resurrection”. It can be seen among the other icons. Near the altar Exarch Joseph I (1877-1915) is buried.

In a wooden chest the relics of the canonized Serbian king Stefan Urush II Milutin (1282-1321 ă.) has been preserved. During the second half of the XIX th century the bishop Silvan from Sofia brought the relics of the saint Serbian king from the town of Trepche in Bulgaria. At firs they were kept in the Liulin Monastery, but later they were removed in the cathedral of St. Nedelya, called in short “St. Kral”.
Annually on the 27 th of December in 11.00 a.m. a service is held to memorize the saint Serbian king. Its shirt is taken out of the chapel. It is said that a piece of it brings luck and happiness and protects against bad thoughts and evil.

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