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Sofia University Botanic Garden

Address: Sofia city, 49 Moskovska str., near the Memorial of Vassil Levski

The Sofia University Botanical Garden is in the heart of Bulgaria’s capital city, just next to the National Gallery for Foreign Art and the biggest Orthodox church, St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral. The rich collection of the garden includes about 1500 species.
Special Collections: Ferns, palms, orchids, peonies, clematises, roses
The mission of the University Botanical Garden is to provide comprehensive information about the flora and work for the conservation of rare and endangered plant species.

The University Botanical Garden was established in 1892 by the first Bulgarian professor of Botanics Stefan Georgiev.
On the inauguration, an oak tree has been planted and in its roots Tsar Ferdinand put a golden coin. At the present day, the tree is more than 100 years old and one can see it from every point in the garden.
The Botanic Garden has an open garden and a glasshouse filled with palms and cacti, a rose garden and various trees and flowers (labelled in Bulgarian and Latin).
By visiting the Sofia University Botanical Garden, you will take your minutes to admire at impressive orchids, many tropical plants as well as some unique representatives from Asia, many cacti and two meta-sequoias. The venerable ginkgo tree is a representative of the vegetation from the Palaeozoic Era. As the reader may know, it is a holy tree in its country of origin China, and at the Botanical Garden Sofia it impresses the visitor with its leaves, particularly beautiful in the autumn when they are coloured in bright yellow.

Sofia University Botanical Garden is a really nice paradise spot where you can escape from the hectic city everyday life and immerse yourself in the world of plants and nature.
There is a botanical shop outside in which you can buy saplings from the venerable oak or seeds from the ginkgo and exotic plants.

Working hours:
The University Botanical Garden is open all year round.
The Botanical Garden is open daily from 10.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sofia University Botanic Garden on the map of Sofia

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