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Summer holiday at Bulgaria’s Northern Black Sea coast


In terms of excellent holiday conditions Bulgaria’s Black Sea is on par with Turkish and Greek beach resorts. Bulgaria’s beach tourism is well developed and actually Bulgaria has been recognized as a top European summer holiday destination. Today we will not tell you why Bulgaria’s coastline is the most obvious choice for enjoyable experiences, affordable prices and comfort, but we will rather focus on the landmarks which you can find in Bulgaria’s summer resorts, located on the Northern Black Sea.

Sightseeing at Bulgaria’s Northern Black Sea coast

1. Aladzha Monastery

Aladzha Monastery is located near Varna and it’s famous for its unique murals in various colours. Those murals decorate the walls of the monastery. The monastery is built in the rocks and a visit there is an experience that you shouldn’t miss. Aladzha in Turkish means “dapple”. The monastery was established in 12-13th century. Today it is a museum and an interesting historic landmark, located near Golden Sands resort. If you have a couple of spare hours, then indulge in the peace and take a tour to the beautiful rock monastery.

2. The castle and the botanic garden in Balchik The castle and the garden are located 30km away from Varna city. The summer residence of the Romanian princess Mariya is located in the castle. Both the gardens and the castle are very beautiful and you will feel as if you are a part of a fairytale. Capture the moment, sit at the throne and take a photo! In the castle you will find a chapel where the heart of the princess is still kept. She loved the local nature and her castle so much that she wanted to stay in the castle forever. The botanical garden was found in 1955. You will find rather exotic and tropic plants in the garden. Cactuses are very popular. But you will also find magnolia and other trees. The number of plant species is over 3000. All visitors are captivated by the exotic beauty of the lovely garden. You can indulge in the gracefulness of the flowers and feel the magic of the castle.

3. Kaliakra Cape

Kaliakra Cape is a nature reserve and it is one of 100 national tourist places. You can find here dolphins, but prepare to start taking photos, because the nature is very beautiful. Here you will also find a museum, a restaurant and a chapel.

4. Yailata

Yailata is an archaeological reserve which lies 60km to the north of Varna. Huge rock blocks separate it from the sea. Here there are over 40 caves, but people can reach only some of them. The biggest number of caves and the remnants of the ancient fortress prove that there was a cave town here. Yailata is not one of the most impressive landmarks, but it’s beautiful and it worth visiting. It’s one of those landmarks that are not so promoted among foreign tourists.

If you are preped to enjoy a summer in Bulgaria , choose your hotel deal 2013 and let us arrange your unforgettable holiday!