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Anita Valentinova, source :, 14.08.2010

We are sure that every summer you cannot wait any longer, you cannot stop thinking about your long-awaited trip to the sea. The sea is a powerful source of nature that yields some of the most essential healing tools and additional benefits that one has never thought of. Welcome home, your majesty!

Its not a secret that in the ancient times people used the healing power of the sea which is considered to help curing various diseases. Nowadays these methods tend to continuously improve. All followers of thalassotherapy have a particularly strong argument - the sea water contains all life-essential chemical elements. Furthermore, the unique power of the sea also affects all five basic human feelings and the main idea behind spa treatments is to achieve harmony between body and soul. Seafood can be used for external and internal rejuvenation.

Sea water is full of mineral elements that prove to positively affect the treatment of high blood pressure, arthritis, inflammation of joints and other diseases. Thalassotherapy fills the system with vital microelements:

  • magnesium which is required for the normal activity of the heart;
  • calcium- essential for healthy teeth and bones;
  • sodium blood circulation;
  • phosphorus which is of vital importance for the active brain activity;
  • Potassium ensures the proper functioning of cells

Due to the availability of healing elements and unique properties, the sea water enhances the processes of metabolism, has anti-inflammatory action and normalizes blood circulation. It improves the absorption of cosmetic products in the skin, stimulates the function of collagen in skin cells. Sea water has a beneficial, moisturizing effect (hygroscopic salts in the skin retain moisture in the skin). The mineral sea salts are important for the regeneration of skin cells. Thanks to their unique properties, the skin becomes more supple and fresh. The sea water is used for the treatment of eczemas, neurodermatitis, acne, rosacea, psoriasis.

All cosmetic products made of marine products are based on the liposome- artificial molecular compounds that deliver the active nutrients in deeper layers of skin. Most of the products made on the basis of sea water are not only effective, but safe for people with allergies.

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