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Tips for buying ski equipment

Anita Valentinova, 11.01.2012

How do we purchase ski poles? What the height of our ski poles should be? To find out what the height of your poles should be, you have to grab your ski poles upside down. You should position them on the floor, grab the side of the handle and take them below the ring, hitting the elbows of the body. In this way, your forearms should form an angle of 90 ° with the ski poles. If so, the rods are the right height for you. What kind of skis are suitable for me? While it is true that the skis are indispensable part of your ski equipement, it is also true that these skis are recommended by athletes who participated in World Cup or who already have good skiing skills. Skis are usually made of hard material, they are heavy, so it is necessary to have a very good standard and have specific training to spin them as you want. If you deem your skills as average, the best are versatile skis. With this type of skis, you are flexible to make giant and small slaloms.

If you have a good level, you can also buy long slalom skis. Slalom skis are more dynamic and therefore let you turn them a bit. And if you are tall, they also allow you to make good spins. However, you will rotate them eaisly and have more flexibility with any type of snow. What should be the length of my skis? In the past most skis were wooden and we knew that their length should reach the arm and we make sure that the skis reach the wrist.

Nowadays we have the modern carving skis which are indeed easier to turn and make the learning process easier. Carving skis were warmly welcome and generally replaced the older ski design. Your skis have to measure your height or even less than it. If we choose skis for our kids, then we should opt for the same height. If you take advantage of some discount for ski equipment in the end of the season, just add 5 cm to the height of the child when you buy ski for your kids. It is said that kids grow up to 5cm in summer.

Best ski brands

We will not make an biased opinion. However, ski equipment is important for your good ski experience and we suggest you not to compromise with the price if you can afford it or if you intend to enjoy skiing in the long term. We recommend you popular ski brands such as Rossignol, Dynastar, Fischer, Stöckli or Head. Head and Rossignol brands are also children-friendly.

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