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Varna - Places to go

Varna, the Sea capital of Bulgaria, one of the most famous summer resorts, is a destination for congress and business events. It is a city full of culture and many landmarks. Having in mind the traces which ancient civilizations left for us, Varna has changed its appearance and all cultures influenced the city. Varna is one of the cities that you will never be able to explore in 1 week only. Yet, we have prepared a virtual tour for you and we will briefly take a look at most important places and landmarks that you should definitely include on your list.

Catherdral ‘’The Assumption of Virgin Mary’’

This beautiful cathedral is considered to be one of the symbols of Varna. The temple is unique due to its architecture and it’s a true delight for our eyes by night when it is illuminated. It is located in the heart of Varna and it’s one of top landmarks of the city. The cathedral symbolizes the faith and it gives a special appearance to the centre of Varna. The temple was built to commemorate the deeds of Russian soldiers who fought to liberate Bulgaria. Besides making your prayer in the church, you will be able to explore the unique murals, the impressive iconostasis and the icons.

The Clock tower is one of the symbols of Varna. The mechanism was bought in UK and installed in the tower by the famous revolutionist Oton Ivanov who dedicated most of his life to the clock which is still accurate today.

The freshness in the summer is something that we are looking for. The Sea Garden in Varna is located all along the coastline, it is surrounded with lush vegetation and it’s a nice choice for a quiet walk.

Don’t miss to visit the park-museum ‘Vladislav Varnenchik’ which is devoted to the battle in Varna in 1444. The exhibition of the museum is an interesting one: paintings, sculptures, weapons from that period.

One of the symbols of Varna is the Aquarium which is located in the Sea Garden. It is built on the basis of the concept of tsar Ferdinand. The façade has an interesting architecture, it has a giant mussel and other of the most commonly seen animals in the Black Sea. The central hall of the Aquarium reveals a great collection of animals which are presented in their natural habitat.

The Dolphinarium in Varna also worth a visit. It is indeed an attraction for all kind of visitors.Don’t miss the show which you will surely remember for a lifetime.
If you like animals, visit the Zoo in Varna.

The archaeological museum in Varna occupies 2000m2 and it has 32 halls where you will be able to admire at different exhibitions.
In the most southern part of the Sea Garden, you will see the Military Museum. The exhibitions are distributed to 12 halls on 2 floors.
The Nature Museum will invite you to the diverse world of the species which inhabit the Black Sea.
The Planetarium is another place which you should visit in order to take a quick look to the space. It is a few steps away from the central entrance of the Sea Garden. The hall has 80 seats. Explore the galaxy and enter into a new world by visiting the Planetarium in Varna.
Roman SPA were built in 2nd century. The Roman bath dates back to 3rd century. Here you will find preserved architectural landmarks from the Antiquity. Roman SPA are located in the southeastern part of Varna city. They are the biggest public antique building which was ever discovered in Bulgaria. The staircase and the doors consist of huge stone blocks, but still we can recognize the fragments of impressive mosaics.

Varna Lake is the biggest and deepest lake along the Black Sea coast. It is divided by the sea and the beautiful beachline. The lands at Varna Lake were inhabited in the prehistoric times. Here many remnants from the ancient civilizations were found.

Impressive phenomenon Pobitite Kamani

You might have heard of Pobiti Kamuni, one of the most impressive natural phenomenon in Bulgaria. Pobiti Kamuni is a group of stone formations near the beautiful Varna.

Rocks have been scattered throughout quite a large area and the formations have been divided into several groups. Due to their imposing shape and size, Pobiti Kamuni are also known as ‘’stone forest” near our Sea capital. These impressive formations which unify rock pieces were created 50 million years ago. At that time the area was a part of the sea. There are many hypothesis and theories for the origin of the rocks. Scientists cannot reach one conclusion, thought, and some believe that they originated from coral formations (organic) while other think that erosion shaped the phenomena (non-organic).

Rocks resemble columns which are hollow inside. The height varies and the highest ones reach 5m. The stone forest Dikilitash was named Pobiti Kamuni nature landmark in 1937.
Since some rocks resemble shapes, people have given them different names such as Stone Soldiers, The Camel, The Throne, The Stone Forest.

Next on our list of landmarks is the Museum of Mosaics which is located in the town of Devnya. This unique landmark is in close proximity to the town and you should surely check it. The museum exhibits Roman and Byzantium mosaics from the ancient settlement Marcianopolis. The museum of mosaics is included in top 100 tourist places in Bulgaria.

If you have friends in Varna or you have read our suggestions to the end (lucky you!), you will know that one of the most sacred natural oases is Bolata. It is located 2km to the north of Kaliakra Cape. 150 birds live in Bolata and this is not a pure coincidence. Here it is where Via Pontika passes, it is one of the major roads of the birds. The red rocks touch gently the sea and a small bay was shaped. Here the lucky tourist will be able to see the game of the dolphins. Don’t miss to take some photos, because the sunsets here are breathtaking and you should capture the beauty!

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