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Park Hotel RAYA Garden /ex Sveta Gora Complex Hotel 19 of 19 in Veliko Tarnovo



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hotel overview:

Sveta Gora is also the largest park in Veliko Tarnovo. With its abundant greenery – centuries old trees, meadows, pure air good for curing a variety of ailments, and its unique views to the city – it attracts a lot of visitors. This magic place is the location of the Sveta Gora Complex, a recovery centre appropriate for both business trips and for a rest of hectic everyday life. 


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This complex is located off the Sofia-Varna highway service (Е7720), in the immediate vicinity of the Cyril and Methodius Veliko Tarnovo University and 1.5 km away from the proper centre of Veliko Tarnovo.

Address: Veliko Tarnovo 5000, Sveta gora, Veliko Tarnovo 5000, Veliko Tarnovo

hotel facilities:

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Wi-Fi, interactive TV, room service, laundry, phone awakening service, a safe, infant playpens, a secure car park for 200 cars with a place for buses, are all there for the ease of guests’ convenience.

Rooms and Accommodation:

rooms details

The hotel has 5 suits offering panoramic views to Veliko Tarnovo. 23 double rooms overlooking the city and the unique nature surrounding it, and 22 double rooms with a view to the Sveta Gora park. Rooms are cosy, well furnished and good for a quiet and pleasant rest.

Single room Park Hotel RAYA Garden /ex  Sveta Gora Complex - Single room

SGL room with balcony Veliko Tarnovo view
SGL room park view

Double room Park Hotel RAYA Garden /ex  Sveta Gora Complex - Double room

DBL room with balcony Veliko Tarnovo view
DBL room park view


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