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Anita Valentinova, 16.07.2011

Itís a wonderful idea to set off for a beach vacation in the heat of the summerÖEach of us defines the perfect beach in different manner. Likewise, itís difficult to satisfy everybodyís preferences for the ideal beach getaway. Thriving European destinations for those in the know are pretty affordable and offer high quality services. Bulgaria is also on the list, it is a hot spot and undoubtedly one of the best budget beach holiday venues in Europe. No matter whether you picture yourself on the beach, in the warm sea waters, mastering the technique of surfing or you wish to feel the rhythm of the night and, why not, indulge in a flirt, Bulgaria would suit your preferences.

There are many family-friendly destinations in Bulgaria. Some of the most popular ones are Albena, Pomorie and Sozopol.

If you are a party person, though, you cannot miss the glamour of Sunny Beach, the ultimate party venue where festivals and concerts are organized every night, or catch a glimpse of the picturesque Kiten summer resort. Nessebar is a summer holiday destination that abounds in historic places, monuments, museums, comfy restaurants that dot the coastline and dynamic nightlife. There is no other destination where serenity, vivacity, cultural treasury and finest golden beaches all live together.

St.Constantine and Elena, a popular SPA and beach destination on the Northern Black Sea, is surrounded by trees, luxurious buildings and hotels, itís a resort where you can feel the pulsating holiday energy. Provided that tranquility and SPA options are what you are looking for, we strongly suggest you to stretch out and devote to your well-being.

Do you with to achieve the ultimate bliss this summer? Ensure your beach getaway and look for better prices which will allow you take the most out of your summer. Thinking about lovely summer venues, you shouldnít overlook the jewel of Eastern Europe, Bulgaria has everything that you have ever dreamt of. Bulgariaís coastal resorts offer a wealth of hotels where you can stay- some of them are decent and cheap, others will surprise you with beautiful architecture, eye-catching interiors and finest amenities.

Flights to Bulgaria are affordable and surely travellers will find something that they like in terms of both quality and price. Sunny Beach is the pearl of Bulgariaís coast and itís the ultimate party venue where you can relax on the golden-touched beaches, meet young people who you can make friends with and enjoy a night out in the bustling city centre. Even though many travellers tend to shun lovely Sunny Beach because of the perception that hotels are too expensive and beaches are overcrowded, we can firmly declare that this holiday destination is still one of the most sought resorts in Bulgaria. If you wish to enjoy all aspects of your summer vacation, just go ahead, compare prices, amenities or catch some promotional packages which are a few mouse click away.

Itís tempting to surround yourself with sun, beautiful places and sand, isnít it? Gaze out into the beautiful blue beach waters and sip a cocktail. Itís always better to book a hotel in the centre of the resort, because thus you will be closer to the most important venue and within an easy reach from the sandy beaches. Pools, shimmering sands, hospitality, delicious meals, water sports, aqua parks and parties are only some the reasons why you should visit Sunny Beach this summer.

Nessebar- the touch of history that blends with modernity

Nessebar is close to Sunny Beach, but this is the exact place where you can relax in a quiet atmosphere, walk down the beautiful cobblestone streets, explore the vast array of landmarks and dive into a world of water emotions. Nessebar is UNESCO historical destination that is visited by thousands of tourists on a daily basis. Nessebar provides intimate atmosphere for young couples and also it is ideal for family vacations. St.Vlas is another quiet resort which offers many hotels and family-run guesthouses where you can relax undisturbed. The entire bay spans over about 20km with 12 km of beaches.

What about Pomorie summer resort? If you passion is SPA and wellness activities, you should pamper yourself with beach and SPA vacation in Pomorie. Pomorie is famous for its winery and fertile region, so why donít you spend the day on the sandy beach, refresh yourself in the spa and taste a lavish dinner with a glass of wine. The intimate atmosphere and lovely promenades in Pomorie will help you rekindle the romance.

If you wish to explore the coastline of Bulgaria, just wait for the second part of our summer insiderís guide in which you will find information about Kiten, Primorsko, Ahtopol, Albena and many more.