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Hotels in Melnik

Melnik is the smallest and one of the most fascinating towns-museums in Bulgaria. Nestled amongst the lowest southwestern fold of Pirin.
The climate of Melnik is favorable for medical treatment of chronic pulmonary, kidney and rheumatic disorders.
Melnik is a blend of unique nature - the cliffs clustered around the houses on the hills, history, culture and wine. The silent white houses, one upon the other, with beautiful bay-windows and silent yards, buried in greenery and tranquility of an aged glory and prosperity arise nothing but admiration.

Recommended hotels in Melnik

Melnik Hotel, Melnik

3 stars Hotel Melnik Hotel, Melnik

Architecturally designed in the style of Bulgarian Renaissance houses this three-star hotel has retained the unique atmosphere of the architectural reserve Melnik. Completely renovated in 2010 the hotel offers excellent facilities for recreation and SPA tourism as well as for business meetings and events. Here you will always be welcomed with hospitality and warmth, and the authentic setting of the complex will bring you into the atmosphere of the former Bulgarian customs and culture.

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Hotel Bolyarka, Melnik

3 stars Hotel Hotel Bolyarka, Melnik

Bolyarka Hotel is located in the center of the smallest city in Bulgaria, Melnik. The city is one of the oldest settlements in Bulgaria with wonderful pyramids, beautiful architecture and remains of many notable monuments of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

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Spa Hotel Elli Greco, Melnik

3 stars Hotel Spa Hotel Elli Greco, Melnik

Spa Hotel Elli Greco is situated in Melnik town in Bulgaria.

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Zlaten Rozhen hotel, Melnik

3 stars Hotel Zlaten Rozhen hotel, Melnik

Hotel Zlaten Rozhen is 3-star boutique hotel which is located in the village Zlaten Rozhen, 6km away from Melnik, the smallest town in Bulgaria. It is in close proximity to the Rozhen Monastery. The area is famous for its mild climate, sunny days, fresh mountainous air that ensure the recreational journey of all guests.

The hotel offers holiday opportunities, sports, entertainment, as well as wine tourism and wine degustation. Hotel Zlaten Rozhen has three floors. It is opened all year round. Hotel Rozhen combines the best of Bulgarian culture from the Revival period which is typical for the region. It also features the luxury, contemporary amenities which guarantee comfort for the guests.

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Despot Slav Hotel, Melnik

2 stars Hotel Despot Slav Hotel, Melnik

With the beginning of the new millennium Despot Slav Hotel start working in the ancient Bulgarian town of Melnik. Gritty towers and pyramids eroded in fantastic shapes, modeled by the wind surround the town in all directions. Its name originates from them, 'mel' means a sandstone.

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