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How to choose best hotels at Bulgaria’s seaside


Are you in the process of planning your Black Sea holiday for yourself and your family? While you surfing the web, you will soon notice that Bulgaria’s Black Sea resorts are like a gem and they offer excellent price quality ratio. How would be sure that those ads and lovely photos correspond to the real condition of the hotels? Not all tour operators present the most up to date photos and detailed hotel information (note that on our website the information is carefully selected and divided into subsections in the hotel page so that you will be able to learn more about all hotel amenities, location, additional services etc.). A good to get a better idea of what the hotel might be is to read the real community reviews by other travelers who liked or disliked their hotel.

There is another option that requires some efforts from your end and thus you will be able to make your individual preliminary assessment. The first step is to take a look at all ads for hotels and Black Sea resorts, and just focus on the visitors’ reviews and comments about their stay. Sometimes travel operators also publish travel news, including the results of different marketing surveys and reports about customer satisfaction. By simply going through some of these opinions you can find out what to expect from a hotel or just realize what kind of hotels (in terms of comfort and hotel classification) are available in your preferred summer holiday destination Bulgaria. The more positive reviews by the travel community, the more suitable they are. Thus, you will quickly find whether the ads reflect the reality and whether you can trust them.

All who prefer accommodation by biggest hotel chains should know that no matter the location of hotels of this kind, there are strict standards which the respective hotel adheres to. Along with the additional services in such hotels, there are regular amenities such as fitness centres, conferences halls etc. Most top notch hotels maintain a positive reputation and they focus on the wide choice of additional services. There are privileges which you can benefit from if you choose a luxury hotel. Some of them are concierge services, free shuttle to the town, transfers, laundry and dry cleaning etc.

The next thing to consider is the location of your beach hotel. Depending on their preferences, some sunseekers tend to rank this as a top priority and we totally agree with them. Note that most of hotels that are situated near the beach are usually more expensive than other hotels. Reputable travel operators should provide you with information about the distance to the beach, near entertainment options, shops, distance to top cultural landmarks. For example we do supply you with useful information about the hotel and you should simply browse through the tabs for your hotel. Remember that prices do matter for all of us, but even a higher price doesn’t guarantee that you will receive better service at the hotel. Therefore, just gather all the useful bits of information, decide whether to go and enjoy a pleasurable, seamless family holiday at Bulgarian seaside.

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