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Skiing passion Ė your love for a lifetime


Ski adventures for beginners

Have you ever tried skiing? Do you have any idea why so many people love snowboarding and skiing? The mountain has always fascinated humans as it retains a real power. Some mountains feature steep terrain and they are hardly accessible. They are only tackled by athletes who have embraced the challenges of their life. Skiers and those like mountain climbing has something in common, they appreciate the feeling of freedom while being on the slopes. If you have decided to go on a ski vacation this year or just ensure the pleasure of the winter, you should have in mind some basic tips.

Equipment in the mountain

Before you go to the mountain, you should equip yourself very well. First, you should have in mind that you should choose ski equipment which will keep you warm and in a healthy condition. If youíve decided to learn how to ski, you should purchase suitable ski equipment for beginners. In this relation, your boots should also allow some mobility so that you can make easy movements at a low speed. Comfort is of utmost priority for skiers of all levels. If you donít feel confident, the best way to ensure your equipment fits you well is to rent online or check the prices in rent shops in the ski resort itself. If you still wish to buy your own equipment, make sure that you follow the instructions to take special care of the boots since they donít all fit any type of foot and it needs to last for a couple of years.

As it comes to your clothes, the best rule is to choose clothes that are not tight. We should not forget how cold it gets in the mountain and you should mind the height and the drastic temperature variations. Moreover, generous snowfalls can often cause troubles for inexperienced beginners. Therefore, the clothes need to be waterproof and allow your skin to breathe. We are sure that you have this in mind, but we kindly remind you to buy warm gloves and a hat.

Another essential component in your outfit is your sunglasses. Whatever the type, you should mind the quality and make sure that they possess the acceptable protection for your mountain adventures in the snow. The solar radiation in the mountain is three times higher than that at the beach even in cloudy days. In this relation, we recommend you to consider buying your sunscreen with at least 15 SPF.

Learn to ski and snowboard

Surely you have the feeling that you are completely incapable of taking a step on the slopes. Maybe there is a key to everything, and the truth is that you need help as if you start walking for the first time. Skiing technique and even walking on the snow are important for your performance. Since we started to talk about techniques, we advise you to proceed with methodical learning. Donít be afraid of mastering the art of skiing, since itís fun, easy and you can learn it fast if you receive proper help from a professional. Yes, itís not that dangerous if you have a ski teacher who can guide you and highlight those first steps that you should always have in mind when you start developing your ski technique. First of all, you need to know the basics, what everything does and how it operates. You should slowly start moving on the skis and later learn how to move quickly in order to achieve the last step of sliding on your skis. This is your first feeling of freedom and happiness. No matter how confident you feel, you should always make sure that youíve learnt the right moves and you follow your teacherís instructions.

Why do you need a ski teacher?

Without a doubt, your skiing technique will be evolving over the time and it will require appropriate learning and therefore self-taught approach is not possible or at least in the beginning. You should learn to slide properly, maintain your balance, turn fast and itís impossible to be a good skier without having someone who can rectify your wrong movements. Although it seems that the teacher is just us having fun, he/she should remain calm and focused at any time in order to make sure that studentís movements are appropriate, relevant to the games and exercises, and it does not matter only to ski properly, but to do it safely, efficiently. Good teachers are to be found both in the schools at the ski stations (possibly more experienced teachers can be found there) and in ski clubs in the winter resort which you have chosen.

We hope that the article has been helpful for you! If you want to learn more about skiing, stay tuned for more! Meanwhile, you are most welcome to review some of our tempting ski holiday deals! Happy skiing!