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SPA holidays: relax and health

Anita Valentinova, 20.04.2012

Surely your best friend has told you much about so called beauty trips that you change your body and your appearance. Have you ever dreamt of a relaxing holiday? The summer is almost upon us, however, the spring is the ideal season to make your way to a relaxing centre, offering SPA and a hot spring!

SPA tourism is a part of the travel industry, however, it had first origins hundreds of years ago. Healing water and mud bath can contribute much to your health and you can easily discover the benefits of SPA and hot springs. SPA vacation is a journey that fully rejuvenates your body and freshens your mind. The origin of the Spa dates back to time immemorial and since that time, the thermal waters were used for therapeutic purposes. Do you know what’s the origin of the word ‘SPA’? It is derived from the name of the Belgium village SPA which was famous during Roman times for its rejuvenating baths.

Romans know what the ultimate relaxation really stands for and nowadays the health tourism is preferred by all people who seek the utmost renewal whilst improving the quality of their lives. All people who live in big cities or have a hectic life want to relax and have some rest to treat the stress in a proper way. This has called for the need of SPA and wellness tourism which is a big part of the travel industry itself. Many travellers choose to stay at quiet places and focus on the restoration the harmony between their bodies and mind. The curative properties of water are famous all over the world as the water is beneficial for our health. Many SPA centres offer different treatments not only with water. Some of them are ancient and others are good for our physical strength and endurance. For instance, many tourists like yoga activities, tai chi and various types of massage. Modern Spa centres offer diversity. Generally speaking, the water in those centres have healing particles, but that’s not all! The atmosphere is quite relaxing and nobody will resist the touch of the harmony.

Hot springs and SPA

As the saying "Not everything that glitters is gold" suggests and therefore not all the waters that flow from the earth are from curative springs. Currently SPA centres offer different packages as they have also included activities designed for the whole family, especially for children. In other words, SPA holidays are suitable also for families. Thus, many families combine SPA with adventure tours, walking, hiking and horseback riding. After a day outdoors there is nothing better than to take a break in the warm waters, isn’t it? We bring to your attention that many of these hot springs have temperatures ranging from 37 ° C to 41 ° C. Why is this an important factor? Due to high temperatures, the baths are an ideal destination for winter or cold months or why not in early spring when our body adapts to the new weather and climate changes.

Unlike the hot springs, Spa installation is not dependent on natural resources in the area. Therefore, SPA centres are also built in big cities or mountainous resorts. Since low temperatures increase mood disorders and the spring not always brings the most positive emotions for us, spring is by far one of the best seasons for taking SPA break.

Bulgaria is one of the most affordable SPA and wellness tourism destinations in Europe. We recommend you to take a break this Easter and choose one of our attractive Easter packages for a vacation in Velingrad SPA resort or the renowned Sandanski wellness resort that provide tourists with unwinding atmosphere and splendid mountainous vistas!