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Summer holiday at Bulgaria’s Sourthern Black Sea coast


Beach tourism is more than just a silky coastline, a hotel, sea and fun. It definitely concerns all the landmarks which the respective region offers. Both Northern and Southern Black Sea coastal resorts in Bulgaria offer a lot. If you have read our guide to the Northern Black Sea, then make sure that you have at least one day to experience the beauty of the Southern Black Sea.

Landmarks at Southern Black Sea coast

1. Begliktash

Begliktash is an ancient Thracian sanctuary. It is located near Primosko, only 3km away from the resort. The sanctuary is interesting and you don’t have the chance to see such an interesting sanctuary every day. This unique rock structure was made by the Thracians who thus defined where their temple, calendar are located.

2. Charming Old town of Nessebar

This is one of my landmarks. The old town in Nessebar is an architectural and historic reserve. Nessebar is an ancient town which was created 3200 years ago. Traces of Thracian and Roman presence can be seen anywhere. You can also see remnants of Byzantium baths. Nessebar is an impressive town with a rich history and unique atmosphere. It is a resort which combines the modern and the ancient pieces in a remarkable way. No matter whether you have a holiday in Nessebar or Sunny Beach, St.Vlas, Ravda, you should definitely spend a day in Nessebar and I am sure that you will not regret it. The architecture of Bulgarian houses from the Revival period, the mystery around the Roman remnants and the ancient churches are intertwined. Some of the most popular landmarks in Nessebar are the impressive church “St.Sophia”, the church “Joan the Baptist”, the church “St.Stefan” and others.

3. Ropotamo River

Ropotamo River is a favourite place for those love fishing, but it’s also a beautiful place where you can just enjoy the serenity and the magic sounds of the nature. It is considered that the river is named after the Greek Goddess Ro. Ro means “run” and “potamo” means a river. You can consider a boat tour to feel the full beauty of the river. Undoubtedly the Ropotamo river is most famous for its water lilies. They are so gentle and they gracefully float on the water surface that you will soon find out how unrivalled this experience is.

4. Pomorie Lake

%RIMG%Pomorie Lake is located to the north of Pomorie and it’s just 20km away from Bourgas. The salt museum is located at the banks of the lake. You will find a nature reserve in a closely proximity. It is an interesting fact that Via Pontika passes through the lake. It is a real air highway for migrating birds from Europe to Africa. 269 different bird species were observed.

5. Alepu

The swamp Alepu is located only 6.5km away from Sozopol beach resort. Literally the name means “the swamp of the fox”. This area is full of many rare birds.