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Skiing- a sport that requires a good technique

Anita Valentinova, 22.12.2011

The ability to adopt a good technique in skiing would avoid about 70% of injuries that occur on the ski slopes. The question is: Are we ready physically prepared to enjoy skiing? Skiing in reality is a sport that requires some strength. The mountain environment which is essential for skiing, the number of hours spent practicing skiing, the inclined surface and slippery tracks, cold weather and altitude, the equipment, are factors that influence the nature of skiing and this is why one should be physically prepared for skiing. One of the biggest issues associated with skiing is precisely lack of awareness of the risks involved in the sport and the number of injuries that can result in poor physical condition and all due to the lack of proper technique.

The possibility to get injured in skiing is undoubtedly high compared to other sports. The most common injuries affect mainly the knees, shoulders, elbows or wrists. Head injuries occur from falling down or collide and globally they are 33% of injury cases and in 28% of the bruises. When an injury occurs, the use of fasteners such as knee pads, bandages is obligatory. In all instances, you should see the doctor and have a specific prescription. If you are injured, the rehabilitation is essential in case of minor injuries, because otherwise your muscles lose their flexibility. In cases of more serious injuries, we must resort to surgery and then undergo a long rehabilitation process.

Donít forget that if you are not used to winter sports, you should be taught properly by a ski tutor. Ski lessons can be individual or in group, so you are the one who decides what kind of classes to choose. Depending on the ski resort where you have booked your holiday, ski lessons have a different price. The necessary equipment for skiing, either downhill, cross country, Nordic skiing and snowboarding, can be rent at a good price, so we advise beginners to rent some ski equipment instead of buying your own equipment. When you need to look for ski boots, please, consider first the comfort of your footwear, elasticity and proper front fastening of foot wear.

The beginners should opt for light and manageable skis. When we choose the fasteners that attach the boots to the tables, we must consider the weight, age, physical condition and the level of the skier. Your warm apparel should be resistant to cold weather in order to retain the warmth of your body and be comfortable for the skier. Your trousers should be waterproof and provide air for the skin.Sunglasses with UVB protection are essential, because the snow reflects 85% of the radiation it receives. Always provide yourself with good sun protection cream (with SPF at least 15), even on cloudy days, to avoid sun burns that are usually result of the reflecting sun.

Why skiing is a good sport

Skiing increases the number of red and white cells. Also, the pure mountainous air contributes to the oxygenation of the body. The sun helps the production of vitamin D production and, consequently, prevents the cause of osteoporosis. Cross-country skiing increases endurance and improves cardiovascular performance. When you go skiing, the first thing you should keep in mind is that skiing requires energy and a good technique used by the skier, also duration and intensity of exercises.

We advise you to take advantage of skiing in daylight hours. Energy needs should be covered before stepping onto the first track. Therefore, in order to ensure more calories and respectively energy for skiing, you should eat in the morning, but always bear in mind that everything we consume should be easily digested and consumed at least one hour before exercise. We warn you that skiing requires energy and exercising with an empty stomach, you may faint or get dizzy.

Once you have enjoyed skiing on Bulgariaís best ski tracks, do not forget to take a little break to recharge your batteries. If you do not want to eat, just eat meals that can easily recharge your batteries: nuts, bananas, biscuits, muesli, and fast sugars like chocolate, energy bars and juice (also combined with milk). All of these nutrients will help you remain in a good shape. Any exercise leads to loss of water, and even more if you wear warm clothes as sweating increases. Basically, a loss of 3% of our water reserves makes our muscles to lose 10% of its effectiveness.The most important thing after a day of skiing is to compensate the loss of water and reload glycogen stores that have been burned with exercise. To achieve the first, there is nothing like a delicious soup which is very restorative and nutritious. Proteins can be absorbed through the main course of meat, poultry, fish and eggs.