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Cathedral temple

The cathedral temple “The birth of Holy Mother” is located in ‘Bolyarska mahala” (Bolyaska quarter) in Veliko Tarnvo. The master Kolio Ficheto built it in 1842. It was made from carved sandstone and its characteristics are the big main cornice, the Ficheto’s rocker from stone and red bricks. The temple is decorated with four small colons and oval windows, which make the façade very interesting. The highest part of the temple is the coupon with the image of the Messiah. The church is three nave. There is a big mural, on which a part of the Kilifarevo Saint cloister with the bishop Teodosii Tarnovski is depicted.

At a distance of 30 meters the belfry is erected. The floor is covered with marble slabs. The most original things in the inner part are the two row capitals. The vault arches are made from bricks and plaster. There are two other symmetrical doors except the main entrance which lead to the outer arcades. The temple was built with the donation of the local people. In 1913 there was an earthquake which destroyed the whole temple. Leon Philopov made the plans for the restoration of the facade. Nowadays the plan is a part of Leon Pfilipov’s model exposition.

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