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Hotels in Veliko Tarnovo

Sound and Lights show - Tsarevets

The original music and striking illumination of audio-visual show “Tsarevgrad – Tarnov – sound and lights” recreates on the Tsarevets Hill an emotional image to remember of the Bulgarian history. The very first chords carry us to the time when the Thracians, Slavs and proto-Bulgarians inhabited this land. The music inspires thoughts about the creation of the Bulgarian state in 681 and also about the battles for its establishment. The music themes that follow symbolize the invasions of the enemies. After the Byzantine invasion in 1018 the shadow of slavery falls over the Bulgarian lands.

The melody of rebellion arises from the wails of the suffering Bulgarian people. The 1185 uprising brings freedom and glory to Tarnovgrad, which then becomes capital of the restored country.
A black cloud envelops the Balkans at the end of the XIV century, the Ottoman hordes rage outside the walls of Tsarevets. And yet the Bulgarian spirit is alive, also vivid are the most cherished dreams for freedom. The 1876 people’s uprising is drowned in blood. The Russian soldiers and the Bulgarian opposition bring the freedom. Sunlit and ecstatic Tarnovgrad welcomes its liberators. Festive bells ring, burning in red fires the hill reechoes the “Mnogaya Leta” song…

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