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“St. Archangels Michael and Gavrail”

The church of “St. Archangels Michael and Gavrail” is the largest one in the architectural reserve of Arbanassi. It comprises an altar, a men’s department, a women’s department, a chapel called “St. Paraskeva” and a gallery.

The men’s department was built and painted in 17th century. The founder of the church was the family of Hadji Niku Kultukli – a nobleman from Arbanassi. In the northwestern part of the men’s department there is his portrait situated, as well as the portraits of his wife and children. In this part of the church there are painted the compositions of “Disembarkation to the underworld” and “The Nativity”.

The frescoes in the women’s department are painted by the icon-painters Michael from Thessalonica and George from Bucharest. The paintings were finished in 1760.

In the arch of the department there are painted the portraits of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, and John the Baptist. On the walls is represented the full scene of the akatist of Virgin Mary and are painted many portraits of saint women.

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