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Thracian tomb - Kazanlak

One of the most famous monuments of Thracian culture, included in the World Register of Historical Sites, in 1979, was discovered in 1944. A corridor, 1. 95 m in length, 1. 12 m in width and 2. 24 m in height leads to a domed tomb, 3. 25 m in height and 2. 65 m in diameter at the base.The building material is brick, used two centuries later by the Romans. The frame is of blocks of stone and clay is used as bonding material. It is situated in the southern part of a mound, at ground level.

Еntrance is from the south side. The tomb became world famous with its unique mural, done in wet fresco and tempera. The artistic decoration covers an area of 40m2 and is an extraordinary art gallery, taking the visitor a long way back in time. The pictures show battles and scenes from daily life, realistically displayed, with great dynamism and details in the clothing and armour.

The scenes of funeral procession , the musicians, the Thracian ruler and his wife, the chariots, the horses and other depictions are all very interesting. The tomb dates from the late IV c. - early III c. B.C. Nearby an exact copy has been built for tourists.

The Thracian tomb is situated in the north-eastern part of Kazanlak.

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