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Hotels in Arbanasi

Arbanasi - Places to go

As mentioned before, Arbanassi is an architectural reserve, one of Bulgarias top holiday destinations. Arbanassi is an impressive historic monuments and a treasure-house of the cultural from Bulgarian National Revival. The landmarks both in the village and in the surroundings are numerous and they will attract even those who are not fond of cultural tours. Churches feature rich decoration, wood-carving and murals. Unique architectural monuments of great artistic value are visited all year round by tourists, curious visitors, scientists, archaeologists, historians, architects and artists who explore them and get inspired by the specific charm of Arbanassi.
The aesthetics sense of the residents, the skills of the master, the creative thinking of the genius and the affinity to beauty are stamped forever in 144 houses of rich decorative elements, 5 churches, pillars of Bulgarian faith and 2 monasteries.
A walk in the centre of Arbanassi will surprise you with impressive views to monuments and beautiful houses. They look like small fortresses with high, solid walls and heavy gates, iron bars and secret places. This is the outside view, though. The exterior is remarkable and the furnishing is second to none. Great Arbanassi houses are built during Bulgarian Revival period and they are a real pleasure for the eye. Arbanassi house is built in such way that you can live in it for a longer period and even not go out of the house.

The architectural and artistic appearance of Arbanassi house is one of a kind and there is no equivalent in another Bulgarian region. Arbanassi church is believed to be the direct ancestor of typical bolyari house /Bolyari were royal persons who lived in Veliko Turnovo/.
The most remarkable houses in Arbanassi are Konstantsalieva house, Hadzhiilieva house, Kandilarova House, the house of Chamurov etc. Arbanassi house features beautiful ceilings with wood-carving and excellent interior elements. All courtyards have a lush vegetation and beautiful flowers. The oldest of all 144 houses are similar to the typical Veliko Turnovo house. Two of them are preserved in a good condition. They are made of stone and look like small fortresses.

Some of the houses in Arbanassi are turned into small family hotels and serve tourists who wish to feel the authentic atmosphere in the village.

We head for Kostantsalieva House which is spacious and beautifully decorated house from Bulgarian Revival period. Undoubtedly its one of the most impressive houses in Arbanassi. It is believed that Kostantsalieva house dates back to the beginning of 18th century. The renovation of the house was finished in 1958 and it shows an exhibition, depicting Bulgarian lifestyle from 19th century. Nowadays many tourists visit the house and it provokes their interest and admiration at the talent of Bulgarian unknown master who didnt stop to build and create art even during the most difficult times when Bulgaria was under Ottoman Yoke.
Veliko Turnovo region was popular as Bulgarian Saint forest due to the number churches and monasteries near old Bulgarian capital city. With 5 churches and two monasteries, Arbanassi was a spiritual centre of Orthodox religion. Seven Arbanassi churches are some of the most remarkable monuments of Bulgarian art from the period 14th-18th century. Two monasteries are named The assumption of Virgin Mary and Saint Nikola.
Churches are huge buildings that are not typical for their epoch. Like houses in the region, churches are reinforced, most of them have semi-cylindrical vaults and small windows. All churches are one-apse buildings. Arbanassi churches consist of two separate premises: men and women. There is a gallery that finishes with a small chapel on the north part. Murals in the churches reveal the development of icon-painting and the relation with the capital city of Second Bulgarian kingdom.
One can find many things in Arbanassi- rest in tranquility, get to know the glorious chronicles of Bulgaria history, feel the lifestyle of local people and touch traditions in Arbanassi houses, tour the monasteries and churches that open the door to miracles and many more. Arbanassi is a combination of Bulgaria lifestyle and modern attractions. If you wish to feel the specific charm of Bulgaria, you should visit Arbanassi architectural reserve.
Arbanassi is a mixture of authentic Bulgaria lifestyle and culture, as well as attractive landmarks. Feel Bulgaria, make your way to Arbanassi, an important architectural and historic monument that brings you back to history.

Places of interest in Arbanasi

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