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Hotels in Arbanasi

The church “Nativity of Jesus” is the oldest one in Arbanassi. It does not have a belfry. The greatest value of the church is the real gallery with more than 3500 fantastic realistic figures and Bible scenes, painted by unknown artists. The church is located in the western part of the village, near the monastery ‘’St.Nikola’’. The church is the best looking temple in Arbanassi. It is built in the end of 16th and beginning of 17th century. Murals in the narthex date back to 1597. The impressive compositions “Nativity of Jesus” and ‘’Doomsday” also date back to this period. The iconostasis in the chapel “John the Baptist” is one of the oldest pieces of wood-carving art at Bulgarian lands. Doors, furniture, ceilings and walls are also beautifully with elements, decorated with flowers. The interior of the church was created by talented, but unknown Bulgarian masters and icon-painters. Three mural layers can be recognized. The oldest fresco dates back to 15th-16th century. Parts of this oldest layer are also found on the walls of the narthex and the altar in the premises for men.
 If you visit all churches in Arbanassi, you will find out that even though they don’t feature exterior elements that catch the attention, they are quite beautiful inside and have impressive wood-carvings and icons.

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