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Borovets - Places to go

Natural, cultural, historic, archaeological landmarks in Borovets and the region

Rila mountain is an attractive place for holidaymakers and aesthetics who are in constant pursuit of happiness. Therefore, if you have chosen Borovets for your mountain holiday, then you should not miss to take a walk in the mountain, explore the diverse natural surroundings and feast your eyes on clear tarns.

Our first stop in this amazing journey in Borovets is Nature Park Rila, one of the most precious and biggest protected areas in Europe. One of the most beautiful parks in Bulgaria is a member of the European network of protected areas ‘’Pan parks’’. This is the evidence for its exceptionally rich and well preserved biodiversity of Rila Park. National Park Rila provides opportunities for the development of eco and mountain tourism. Chalets in the park and the network of maintained tourist tracks are a good base for trekking. Two main European tourist routes- E4 and E8 go through the park. If you admire the wild nature, extreme sports and mountain biking, you will be happy to hear that theme routes are also being developed in Park Rila. One of them is the popular plant route ‘’Friends of plants’’. Not only does one appreciate the natural splendours, but also the cultural and natural landmarks in Rila Park. Hot mineral springs in the near localities are a complementary tourist landmark and thus the balneology is also being developed in this paradise region. Reserves ‘’Parangalitsa’, ‘’Central Rila reserve’’, ‘’Ibur’’ and ‘’Skakavitsa’’ are included in National Park Rila. Natural resources are the source of inspiration- high ridges and exceptional forms, abysses and beautiful rivers await you in Nature Park Rila.

Do you love adventures and challenges? Then don’t hesitate to climb Mousalla peak, the highest peak in Rila Mountain. The name of the peak was created during the period of the Ottoman Rule in Bulgaria and the word is derived from ‘’Mus Allah’ which means ‘’the road to Allah’’. It is believed that king Phillip II, the father of Alexander the Great, was the one who first climbed the peak. Moussala Peak is the favourite venue of many mountaineers.

Even if you contemplate something, you cannot see beyond no matter how hard you try… The gorgeous Rila is the home of the White Brotherhood Society as the mountain is open to the world with its seven eyes that remain speechless, but recount the story of life, destiny, natural splendours and vanity… Each lake of the formation, which is popular as ‘Seven Rila Lakes’’ has its extraordinary form: Tear /sylzata/, Eye /okoto/, Kidney /bybreka/, Twins /bliznaka/, Trefoil /trilistnika, Ribno Lake and Dolno Lake. All lakes are located at the altitude of 2100-2500m. Should you wish to find the perfection and attain to your inner devotion, then we recommend you to visit Seven Rila Lakes.

The most important landmark in the region of Borovets is Rila Monastery. The holy cloister raises at 1147m altitude right in the heart of Rila Mountain. Rila Monastery is an attractive place for excursions and exploration. The shrine is considered to be the most sacred place in Bulgaria as it keeps the pursuit of the ever-seeking soul and self-improvement.

Rila Monastery has an impressive architecture and a temple which is richly ornamented with different examples of the icon-painting art. The founder of Rila Monastery is the first Bulgarian hermit Joan Rilski /876-946/. Saint Ivan Rilski contributed to the cultural and religious maturity of Bulgarian nation. The relics of the saint are kept in the monastery. Rila Monastery is one of UNESCO’s protected areas and a place of significant historic, cultural and architectural importance.

If you wish to be close to the royal family, feel the luxurious atmosphere, then visit Tsarska Bistritsa Palace. It’s the place where Bulgarian kings lived in Borovets. The palace was established in 1898. Even though it was a created as a chalet, it was quickly turned into a complex of imposing residential buildings, located in the beautiful park through which Bistritsa river passes. The building is a creative interpretation of the Revival architecture which is influenced by some European styles. Also, the curious traveller may visit Sitnyakovo and Sarsagyuol palaces.

Let’s continue our journey and find ourselves in the picturesque valley among Rila, Verila, Vitosha and Plana mountains. The village Belchinski baths is located only 15km away from Borovets ski resort. The climate is mild in winter and the coolness in summer draws many tourists who prefer eco and rural tourism destinations. What would you find in this small village? It’s more than crystal clear air and gorgeous natural surroundings. Also, Belchinski Baths is a popular destination due to the abundance of thermal waters- 41 degrees. The water has proven healing properties. The village Belchin is located in a close proximity to various eco and cultural routes.

Next venue is Samokov, a town which is located near Borovets. It impressed with the authentic atmosphere and hospitality of local people.

One of the most important historic and cultural monuments in Samokov is Belyova church ‘’The nativity of Virgin Mary’’. It is the oldest and most important site that dates back to the Medieval Age. The architecture of the church is simple which is typical of the late Medieval period. The most impressive feature is the murals which were created by the eminent Nikola Obrazopisov. Another thing that you should pay attention to is the interesting fretwork.

South of the belfry you will find the spring. It is believed that the face of Virgin Mary is shown in the water, but only on special occasions. This explains why you will find many icons and murals that depict Virgin Mary as the source of life.

The next landmark in Samokov is the History Museum which houses an interesting archaeological and ethnographic collection. Also, here is the place where you will find items of the first glass-producing factory in Bulgaria. The museum houses folklore clothes, ceramics, exquisite fretworks and other interesting items which reveal you the lifestyle of the people who lived on these lands.

The impressive dam ‘’Iskur” is a magical place only 25km away from Borovets. It’s the right place where you can relax whilst delight the mountainous air and the gentle wind. Iskur is located in the highest part of Rila Mountain. The dam offers many entertainment opportunities, water sports and fishing.

We are sure that you cannot resist the caress of the mountain. Also, the farther you explore the hidden beauty, the more you are attracted by the interesting eco routes. Hence, we strongly recommend you to consider one day in the splendid resort Semkovo. The beautiful circuses and magnificent views will make you relax and find your own way to perceive the beauty that surrounds us.

Rural tourism enthusiasts can consider visiting the beautiful villages Beli Iskur and Govedartsi. They are located approximately 16km away from Borovets.

Last but not least, we would advise you consider an alternative to the SPA centres in Borovets hotels and make your way to Sapareva Banya. It’s a famous SPA resort that attracts many visitors due to the hottest mineral springs, as well as the only active geyser on the Balkan Peninsula.

Plovdiv is a labyrinth of the historic epoch, the eternal place where you will find our cultural treasure. Also, Plovdiv is a town of great architectural and artistic value which makes it an attractive tourism destination.

Melnik, the smallest town in Bulgaria, also offers interesting landmarks that you may visit.


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