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Borovets ski resort - ski area information

Borovets ski resort- ski area information

Winter adventures in Borovets- snowboard, ski and biathlon, cross skiing, lifts and trails

Borovets is one of the most favourite ski resorts in Bulgaria. If you have ever visited Borovets mountainous resort, you know that the stunning scenery, crystal clear mountainous air, atmospheric pine forests of the Rila mountains and delicious local dishes are only some of the reasons why a holiday in Borovets is always worthwhile. However, the winter season dresses up the lovely mountainous resort and turns it into a winter wonderland where the true charm and magnetism can be felt only in winter. The clear air, the natural impulse to express yourself, the hunger for adventures and the joy can be felt everywhere in Borovets. If you wish to find yourself and become invincible, you should simply master your skills with one of the popular winter sports which Borovets offers. Borovets ski resort is for people who dream of their happy life, leave the restrictions behind their backs in order for them to touch the heaven and become a hostage of the gorgeous Rila Mountain.

Borovets is an alpine -type resort that provides excellent opportunities for the avid skier to practice a range of winter sports. Borovets is one of the most popular winter and summer resorts in Bulgaria. Since Borovets lies at the foot of highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula, Mousala, in the northern part of the Rila Mountain, at an altitude of 1350m, it is an ideal destination for holidaymakers who appreciate the beauty of the mountain and crave for ski adventures. Borovets is easily accessible from all over the country as it lies only 70 km away from Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, and 120 km away from Plovdiv city.

If you fancy something a little bit different from the posh European ski resorts where a holiday indeed costs a fortune, Borovets is your ideal choice for an exciting ski vacation. Borovets boasts a unique flavour and therefore it is incomparable. If you are an advanced skier, you will love to hear that Borovets is the biggest Bulgarian ski centre in terms of the length of ski tracks and the capacity of ski facilities. Again, if you feel the power of winter sports, you can express yourself freely with the wide variety which Borovets provides: alpine sports, cross- country skiing, ski jumps, biathlon, ski-doo, ice-skating, and night-skiing. Skiers from all over Europe converge on Borovets in order to explore the beautiful world of ski adventures and master their skills. The resort offers excellent conditions for skiing, snowboarding, cross country or just winter holidays surrounded by the beauty of the mountain.

Being huddled in the majestic venerable pine-tree forests, Borovets is the right choice when it comes to winter vacations and ski holidays at a reasonable price. Borovets provides the total ski area of over 58km first class ski tracks which vary in difficulty in accordance with the qualifications and enthusiasm of the ski hunter.

Well-maintained traces for cross-country skiing also make Borovets very attractive resort. All ski trails and grads are modern and they boast good capacity in order for skiers to avoid the crowds. Borosport, the concessionaire of the ski area in Borovets, constantly works on the improvements in the resort and invests in top notch ski facilities in order to ensure the exciting winter vacations for every type of skier or snowboarded regardless of their age and expertise.

Borovets, the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria, hosted twice the rounds of World Cup in Alpine Skiing. It is noteworthy that the biathlon track in Borovets is one the best in Europe and this is why many tourists flock to the popular winter resort in Bulgaria. Borovets is a regular host of various winter sports competitions.

Ski lifts, runs, snow cannons, ski facilities in Borovets at a glance

Borovets ski resort is the ideal choice for guests who enjoy the good value and fun environment, the colourful local traditions and the hospitality of the locals that make skiing unique and unforgettable!

Borovets ski resort is grouped into three main ski areas that ensure plenty of opportunities for all skiers:

  • Central Borovets ski center starting from 1337 m altitude up to 1780 m.
  • Yastrebets ski center from 1340 m up to 2369 m.
  • Markudjik ski center from 2340 m up to 2550 m.

The total ski area in Borovets is 58km and the number of ski tracks is 20. The resort is served by 14 ski lifts. The latter are usually open from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm. Please, bear in mind that each lift is closed for technical maintenance, so you may check this information here. There are 1 six-seat Gondola lift, 2 High Speed Quad Chair lifts, 2 Fixed Grip Quad Chair lift, 10 drag lifts and several baby drags in Borovets ski resort. The lift facilities in Borovets undergo renovation every year. The gondola lift goes to the Yastrebets peak at the altitude of 2363 m. The difference in the altitude is approximately 1045 m and its length is 4827 m. The capacity of Gondola Lift is 1200 persons per hour.

Borovets also boasts a purpose built 1,240 meters snowboarding track, a 10 km cross-country track and a ski jump. Borovets ski run runs are perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers. If you are an advanced skier, however, you should try the World Cup competition run. Your snow-sure ski vacation in Borovets is guaranteed as the resort also has 14 snow cannons for artificial snow that cover area of 20 hectares, from the north facing slopes up to an altitude of 2560 m. In this relation, the artificial snow-making system covers ski runs "Rila", "Iglika", "Martinovi Baraki 2" and "Martinovi Baraki 3". Night skiing, skidoos, snowboarding, ice-skating and heli-skiing- they all have you covered.

If you are a novice and you wish to master skiing, you should book some ski lessons and the qualified ski teaches will take you to an enjoyable journey in order for you to successfully hit the 5 ski tracks for beginners.

Borovets is a ski resort which caters for intermediate skiers since most ski runs are ideally suited to the intermediate skier. There are 11 slopes for intermediate skiers. Also, one can enjoy some great ski runs, sweeping down through the trees in the Yastrebets area. The upper half of the mountain offers plenty of wide open pistes, most of which are fairly gentle that make them suitable for beginners and intermediates. If you go to the top of the Gondola in Borovets /2363m/, you will find interesting descents, including a new 12km ski run.

If you are an advanced skier, you should tackle the World Cup ski run. A real challenge for you might the Musalenska Puteka/ Moussala Pathway/, the longest ski run in Borovets /12km/.

Snowboarders can also consider Borovets for their exciting adventures. Some of the best riding can be found on the runs above 2500m.

Borovets also has 3, 5 and 10 km long tracks for cross-country and biathlon skiing. Cross-country and biathlon tracks are located 2 km away from the resort together with the cross-country tuition tracks.

Borovets ski season

The ski season in Borovets winter resort, Bulgaria runs from December until late April. All ski tracks are divided into different ski areas according to their level of difficulty and the type of skiers: beginners, intermediate or advanced skihounds. All ski runs are well-marked according to international standards with information signs in several languages.

Borovets Ski School

The Borovets ski school is renowned for the professionalism of all ski instructors and hence it is one of the best in Europe. In Borovets you will highly qualified ski teachers who speak multiple languages. The experience and personal attitude of ski teachers will make your ski tuition easier and enjoyable. Bulgaria ski schools are incredible value for money and they are another cost benefit for ski holidays to Borovets. Group and private lessons are available at reasonable rates, so you can check out our hot prices for Borovets ski schools. Believe it or not you will start the week on the nursery slopes, but by the end of the week you will head for the Gondola lift and consider hitting even more challenging ski tracks. Borovets has two main nursery areas, one just 20m from the Hotel Rila and the second at over 2000m, accessible by Gondola lift.

Important ski facts about Borovets

No matter whether you still consider Borovets as a winter holiday destination, you wish to experience a short break or you have stumbled upon a real bargain, the information below will be helpful in getting a visual understanding of Bulgaria's main ski area.

Even though you will find a comprehensive overview of all ski facilities, we have tried to write a concise paragraph that will help you determine whether Borovets ski resort deserves your attention and what you may expect from your ski holiday.

  • Skiing Altitude: 2560m High
  • Skiing Altitude: 1350m Low
  • Resort Altitude: 1350m
  • Marked Ski Pistes: 58 km
  • Green: 20%
  • Blue: 20%
  • Red: 50%
  • Black: 10%
  • Number of Lifts: 14
  • Drags 9
  • Chairlifts 4
  • Gondola lift: 1
  • Longest ski run: 12km
  • Direction of Slopes North, North-west, West
  • Cross Country trails: 35km
  • Night Skiing: Yes
  • Ski Jumps-70m

If you are a novice who would like to master in skiing, your best choice is Borovets ski resort, because it provides excellent conditions for beginners. Intermediate skiers who endeavour to improve their technique will not be disappointed as well, because you have it covered. Advanced skiers and snowboarders, as well as the fans of off-piste skiing will love Borovets due to the excellent conditions and unique atmosphere all winter season long.

The snows cover in the upper parts of Rila Mountain, ski centre Markudjik, can reach about 2m which is a prerequisite for extreme ski adventures. In general, the thickness of the snow blanket is over 1.5m from November to May. Three ski zones await you in the gorgeous Borovets ski resort. If you feel confident and you think that the mountain is a way to subdue yourself, then overcome everything, reach the top and head for the ski centre Markudjik which will surprise with ski runs that are at 2340-2550m altitude.

All beginners should choose the ski centre Sitnyakovo which boasts an altitude from 1337m to 1780m. If you wish to achieve ski supremacy, you should develop your skills and master your control, so the ski centre Yastrebets /1340m- 2369m/ is the ideal choice for you as it offers unforgettable ski adventures. Ski runs in Yastrebets are a real challenge for every skier and they have hosted various winter sports competitions. Have you ever heard of the ski track Markudjik 3? FIS has officially announced that the ski run is particularly suitable for hosting Alpine Skiing Giant Slalom. Provided that you are still wondering who will enjoy the ski runs in Borovets, we will be glad to give you a hint! Intermediate skiers will the ones who will appreciate the ski conditions in Borovets winter resort.

Downhill skiing is a great experience for everyone and it can really make your day at the ski slopes! The best conditions for downhill skiing can be found in Sitnyakovo, as well as the well-maintained Yastrebets ski centre. You can reach the mountain ridge with the local cabin lift and then demonstrate your ski technique at the longest ski run in Bulgaria, as well as the ski runs that are located at the foot of Mousala Peak. Borovets also caters for experienced skiers who are pleased to show their skills. If you are brave enough and you intend to undertake such a risk, you shouldnt hesitate to enjoy some extreme off-piste skiing.

The total length of ski runs that are suitable for Alpine skiing is about 58km. The total length of the cross-country skiing trails is 35km are they are constructed in compliance with the requirements of FIS.

All well-groomed ski tracks in Borovets are marked accordingly and one can find information in different languages. Since Borovets boasts ski pistes that vary in difficulty and length, it caters for all skiers alike.

Easy ski tracks:

  • Suhar- Ski centre Markudjik
  • Rotata- ski centre Sitnyakovo
  • Borosport- ski centre Sitnyakovo
  • Sitnyakovo Royal Residence- ski centre Sitnyakovo

Intermediate ski tracks:

  • Markudjik 1- ski centre Markudjik
  • Haramia- ski centre Yastrebets
  • Sitnyakovo 1- Ski centre Sitnyakovo
  • Martinovi Baraki 1- Ski centre Sitnyakovo
  • Rila- Ski centre Sitnyakovo
  • Iglika- Ski centre Sitnyakovo

Medium difficulty:

  • Markujdik 2B- ski centre Markudjik
  • Markujdik 3- ski centre Markudjik
  • Yastrebets 3- ski centre Yastrebets
  • Popangelov- ski centre Yastrebets
  • Yastrebets 1- ski centre Yastrebets

Difficult ski tracks:

  • Markujdik 2A
  • Fonfon
  • Martinovi Baraki 4- ski centre Sitnyakovo
  • Cherveno Zname- Ski centre Sitnyakovo

Driven by innovation and a passion for the sports enthusiast looking for unique and authentic lifestyle experiences, Borosport constantly improves the ski conditions in Borovets and currently the resort provides excellent conditions for snowboard fans. Ski adventures and the wide variety of winter sports in Borovets draw thousands of holidaymakers every year and make them patrons from the first visit.

Some skiers find the ski tracks Yastrebets the most attractive ones since they usually host important ski competitions in Borovets. Dont miss to enjoy your experience in Yastrebets ski centre, because you will feast your eyes on the stunning mountainous scenery.

The capacity of the cabin lift is 1200 people per hour and therefore it will take you about 25min to reach the ski tracks. Borosport, the concessionaire of the ski tracks, endeavours to implement innovative improvements in order to turn Borovets into the most modern ski resort in Bulgaria. All ski facilities in the resort are constructed in compliance with the International standards and they deploy the newest industry innovations.

The well-maintained network of ski lifts services approximately 15 400 tourists per hour and provides easy access to all ski runs. Although Borovets usually boasts substantial snowfalls, the resort disposes of modern snow cannons that can cover a huge ski area with artificial snow due to their great output.

The ski tracks Rila, Iglika, Martinovi Baraki 2 and Martinovi Baraki 3 also are equipped with snow cannons. Additionally, you can explore a new world of adventures with some night skiing! Great experience is guaranteed at the floodlit ski tracks in Martinovi Baraki. Please, note that you can give it a try to explore the night beauty of the mountain every night from 5pm to 10pm. Six artificial snow making facilities are installed in every 80 meters along the tracks. The total length of the tracks with artificial snow is 2200 meters. The equipment at the ski slopes is of the highest standards and also provides lights for night skiing/snowboarding, as well as audio system playing music. 35 km long cross-country ski area entices you to indulge in the beautiful pine forests. Savour the flavour of the pine forests, enjoy the tranquility, admire at the beauty of the mountain and surprise yourself with a memorable ski weekend in Borovets. If you are passionate about cross-country skiing, you should try the ski tracks in the area Shiroka Polyana and Varnika as the length of the ski tracks is 3.5km and respectively 10km.

Winter sports rental equipment in Borovets

If you have not bought your skis, its not such a big deal, because rental of ski equipment is also available in Borovets. In Borovets you will find offer sets of skiing equipment from world famous companies. Yet, we strongly recommend you to book your ski packages with us in order to take advantage of our competitive prices and benefit from extra value.

Borovets Cross-Country Skiing

Yes, one of the best ski resorts in Bulgaria caters for all holidaymakers who are passionate about cross-country skiing. The trails are 35 km long and all of them are designed according to the requirements of FIS (Federation Internationnale de Ski) as the minimum width is 6 metres.

Borovets Night Skiing

If you look for a ski resort that is good value for your money and you wish to delight night skiing, Borovets is the right choice for you. Skiing under lights and stars is an impressive experience that you cannot miss. Since it is too cold in January, you may consider night skiing in March when the temperatures in the evening being to rise. Even if you wish to hit the slopes in January, the only thing that you should do is to put on warm clothes, you will not regret it! You cannot miss the magic hours when the daylight begins to dwindle, the dazzling floodlights are ready and the night skiing starts. If you wish to unwind a little bit, you should give it a try, fly down the hill on your skis in a world of lights surrounded by the darkness. Why not even ride up the chairlift at dusk in order to enjoy the great atmosphere in Borovets and the lights of the house, twinkling in the distance. Also, night lift passes are cheaper than daytime ones and you avoid the long lift lines.

Four ski runs in Borovets are open at night at the peak of the season and all of them boast great illumination and modern audio system which makes Borovets the best resort for night skiing in Bulgaria. No matter what you do, you should make sure that night skiing is on the agenda!

Provided that you would like to find the easiest way to ski from Markujdika to the ski centre Central Borovets, you should head for Musalenska Puteka. The total length of the latter is 12km.

Borovets Aprs Ski

The atmosphere is Borovets is lively and joyous. If you wish to relax, Borovets is your place as well. If you are a real skihound, then you know that aprs ski can be the most enjoyable part of a skiing holiday, however, usually it tends to be the most expensive. Bulgaria is a real bargain, because EUR is not the official currency and prices are relatively low. Not only does Borovets cater for all types of skiers, but it also provides you with memorable experiences in trendy bars, noisy discos and lively karaoke bars. If you are a party animal, you will love the bustling nightlife in Borovets where discos and bars are open often until dawn.

Those of you who appreciate delicious dishes and want to taste the Bulgarian cuisine should opt for a great Bulgarian folklore evening in a mehana /local tavern/ or restaurant. Bulgarian folklore evenings are organized at many of the resort's venues and feature lively centuries-old rhythms and dances.

Although its all about skiing during the winter, Borovets can also provide you with other activities such as relaxing in saunas, getting fit in the fitness centres, swimming, partying, playing billiards and many more.

You will never get bored in Borovers as you will find plenty of vivid bars, attractive music venues and rich aprs-ski programmes that are tailored to entertain groups, families and friends alike. Lets dance and party in Buzz Bar or Bonkers. A night out is extremely good value for money especially with special 'happy hours', discounts and additional compliments like our Apres-ski discount card which enttiles you to receive 10% discount or even more in most popular venues in Borovets! Why dont you try snowmobiling, ski jumping or a sleigh ride? No matter what you do and where you go, you will experience an incredible vacation in the best ski resort in Bulgaria. Every ski season is fantastic in Borovets, find out today!

Safe Skiing in Borovets

The Emergency ski patrol in Borovets provides emergency service around the clock. It is organized in four teams fully equipped with all the necessary equipment, including a helicopter if needed, which is based at the first station of the cable lift. Ambulance, a team of high qualified doctors and a hospital are available. Pharmacies are also convenient located in the centre of the resort.

Local travel experts advise: Your vacation in Borovets

Borovets is the ultimate and contemporary ski choice when it comes for great conditions and good value for your money. The prices are usually one third of the amount that you would pay in France, Italy and Switzerland. Borovets is the right choice for open-minded travellers and skihounds who wish to enjoy excellent opportunities of a vast array of winter sports from Alpine and heli-skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumps and biathlon, to snow-mobiling, snow-boarding, ice skating and more.


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