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The museum of the Rhodope Karst exhibits the beauties of the caves and all exponents that date back to the Antiquity. The museum houses about 970 exhibits. It is the only one speleological museum in Europe. Museum was established in 1980. Before the museum has been constructed, all caves in Rhodope Mountains had been researched by speleologists.

The museum has four sections- ‘’Mineralogy, geology’’, ‘’Karst formations’’, ‘’Biospeleology’’ and ‘’Cave archaeology’’. The museum has 60 seats, a lab and a library. The museum houses a wealth of photos and other interesting editions, maps, photos of cave formations, as well as a collection of books, magazines and articles which provide comprehensive information about the history of excavation work, speleology and the beauty of all hidden secrets of the caves in the region. Even though you cannot see them in their natural environment, they will all leave your speechless. What am I talking about? You will be able to see cave pearls, stalactites, stalagmites and other formations. The ceiling and the floor of all halls in the museum are decorated with colour photos of caves and thus the exposition seems even more authentic.

Let’s also mention the village Pavelsko where you will find 45 caves. The biggest one is Cheleveshtnitsa. It keeps the most beautiful and imposing cave pearl which has been ever found in Bulgaria caves. It is located in the middle of the hall.


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