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Landmarks in Nessebar

Nessebar is one of the resorts where you cannot get bored and one summer holiday is not enough to enjoy the vast array of landmarks which worth a visit. Nessebar is more than beaches, sea waters, first class hotels and bustling life. If we need to clarify why you should visit this beach resort in Bulgaria and choose it among the rest, we would specify that Nessebar offers many options for cultural tourism. You can visit 41 churches in the resort and they date back to Antiquity. Religious buildings in Nessebar are the most secretly kept treasure of Nessebar.

The old and new part of Nessebar are connected with a stretch of land which is long about 400m. You will be astonished at the old windmill in the center of the isthmus, because it is one of Nessebar’s top local attractions. Windmills in Nessebar shape the typical appearance of the ancient settlement and today they stand as the symbols of the modern beach resort. Two buildings date back to the Turkish epoch and they can be seen in the old part of the town.

We would remind you not to miss the remnants of the old fortress wall of the fishing settlement Messembriya and thus feel the specific charm of this part of the resort. In 5-6th century the small peninsula was embraced by a solid fortress wall.

Next, let’s head for the basilica ‘St.Virgin Mary’, the church ‘St.John the Baptist’ which is impressive with its high cylindrical dome. In these churches you will find murals from 16th century and they all boast high artistic value.

The basilica ‘St.Virgin Mary’ was built in 5th century. It is located at the beach. The church is three-apse basilica with an narthex.
A tour of Nessebar beach resort is not enough to find out why the summer resort is included in the list of Bulgaria's Top 100 Tourist Sites.

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