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The prices below are total for two adults in a double room for 4 overnights in the period 24 December 2022 - 28 December 2022. Only hotels with available rooms for the period are shown.

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Christmas holidays in Bulgaria- joy, merriment, pleasant moments and wonderful experiences

Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ

December is a really hectic month for many people. You have too many tasks at work, a long Christmas shopping list, energy-consuming activities and so much planning for the big day. Thatís why Christmas and New Year are great occasions for celebrations. Holidays in December can be great for Christmas shopping, family gatherings and complete relaxation. It does not really matter whether you wish to spend time on Christmas shopping, escape from your routine and head for a spectacular resort abroad within the festive period. Yes, although Christmas is a family holiday which should be traditionally spent at home, it can also be great option to spend the holidays abroad with your friends and family. Many people also like to go away during the week after Christmas. This might be the perfect week for a holiday, because your kids are off school and you can spend valuable moments with them.

Letís talk about the glorious occasion which is so important for not only Christians, but all people who share their feelings of love, faith, affection and gratitude.
The History of Christmas is associated with the wonderful story of the birth of Jesus Christ, who is worshipped as the Son of God by Christians worldwide. The old history of Christmas Festival can be traced back through the ages to the beginning of Christianity. The birth of Jesus Christ marked the beginning of the History of Christmas. Thus, this event has grown into a worldwide celebration of love, affection, sharing, joy and merriment. Today Christmas, the biggest holiday of the year, is observed with church services, prayers and celebrated with high masses.

Christmas has both a strong religious and traditional meaning. One can feel it in a special way. Christmas somehow creates a sense of kindness, gratitude, concern for the fellow man. Join the beautiful people in the celebration of the magic, the wonder and the specific spirit of this holiday season.

Christmas holidays - a great way to take a break

Christmas time is knocking on the door, so what's up, have you planned your Christmas vacations or not yet? If not, then we advise you hurry up, so itís not too late to plan a wonderful Christmas vacation and benefit from a generous Christmas discount!

There is a festive mood and loads of energy in every nook and corner in December. Thatís why itís a great idea to visit your friends and family during Christmas Holidays. If you wish to show them that they are truly special for you, just surprise them with a vacation during Christmas Holidays.
Although the tradition says that holidays should be spent at home, many people prefer to travel to distant places in order to experience joyous moments abroad or feel the Christmas spirit in a different way. The key is that you should plan your holiday in advance.

Honestly speaking, this modern world has changed oneís habits and thatís why we are usually occupied with one thing or another that we can hardly get some quality time with friends and family. Surely, your career and personal improvement matter, but pleasurable moments are the spice of life. Donít consider all excuses you may have, just get things done before Christmas and make your Christmas holidays memorable. There are many ways of making your Christmas and New Year Eve unforgettable; you should just be ready for them. For instance, you can book a short city break for your friends and enjoy some exciting shopping hours in the ritzy malls that tend to offer Christmas discounts, or look out for Christmas family deal that would be delightful for your big, happy, family, or simply go out for after-Christmas ski holidays with your pals.

Believe it or not, there are many unbeatable discounts and special Christmas holiday deals for you in order to celebrate your Christmas in a truly special way. Also, lucrative offers are available for your Christmas vacation in Bulgaria and you can benefit from a great price. A Christmas holiday destination can make your Christmas holidays true and real, but only in Bulgaria you will be able to celebrate the Christmas period with delight and enthusiasm.

Christmas Holiday Packages- cheap vs. expensive

How to enjoy your Christmas Holidays without breaking the bank

Christmas holidays can be really stressful, especially if you should take care of planning a vacation and doing the shopping list. Christmas is one of the best times of the year, so it should be a time for you to relax, unwind and enjoy your activities. Christmas is a truly special celebration, so you should be guaranteed a wonderful Christmas break! Donít postpone going through tempting Christmas holiday deals, because they are limited on most websites. Moreover, it will be better to plan in advance and ensure your vacation before or after Christmas in order to avoid any stressful moments in the last minute!

Many people that it will be expensive to book flight tickets, their Christmas holiday package and all additional services that they may need. Yet, Christmas is always a magical season, so prices to be even cheaper during the festive period. Whether you enjoy funny moments at the ski slopes, or you just want to pamper yourself at a spectacular SPA resort, or you really appreciate exploring new destinations and cultures, you are guaranteed to have a memorable time this festive season. All major resorts in Bulgaria usually prepare a sparkling programme of activities and entertainment in order to satisfy all tastes and ages. Also, Bulgariaís mountainous resorts are decorated lavishly and many lights, so the Christmas spirit is not something that youíll miss if you choose Bulgaria for your holiday destination.

Firstly, you should carefully consider your Christmas holiday destination, then research all wonderful holiday opportunities, look up the average price, calculate all expenditures and eventually determine whether this fits into your budget. There are so many great holidays in December to choose from. The celebrations in other countries can be much more spectacular and impressive than in our own country.

Yet, there are different kinds of Christmas Holiday packages. Some of them include extended Christmas break, other surprise you with additional free services and heavy discounts. During the celebration of Christmas holidays, many people visit the tourist spots where Christmas holidays are being marked with a mass.

Christmas holidays in Bulgaria

Christmas holidays abroad are interesting and amazing, so they are even highly popular these days, because everyone wishes to get rid of the routine and indulge in a completely different ambience where Christmas spirit is alive.
Even though many resorts and hotels may raise prices for the festive season, it is not a common practice for Bulgaria since Christmas Holiday Deals are cost friendly. Furthermore, there are special discount travel packages for Christmas if you wish to book a vacation for the whole family or group of friends!

Whether you are looking for a family holiday over Christmas, a romantic weekend after Christmas, or a relaxing Christmas shopping break with friends, Bulgaria has something for everyone.
Visit some striking locations in Bulgaria this Christmas! Why donít you ensure your joyous moments in the lovely Bansko ski resort, the sunniest winter resort Pamporovo, the picturesque mountainous resort Smolyan or Bulgariaís old capital city Veliko Turnovo?

There are plenty things to do and see in the splendid Bulgariaís capital city Sofia which will definitely surprise you with well decorated shopping centres, a myriad of landmarks and plenty of bars!
Experience the true magic of the authentic archaeological reserve Arbanassi, Bulgaria! Ski on the slopes of Bansko all day and then treat yourself on a drink with friends. Ski Christmas Holiday deals are usually widely popular since they take you to the slopes, you enjoy the unsurpassable vistas, breathe crystal clear air and wash all your worries away. Additionally, most Christmas vacation deals include services, overnights, festive dinners, tours and many more!

If you wish to spend a romantic vacation after Christmas and you would like to spend time with a loved one while enjoying the holiday spirit, then donít hesitate to choose the amazing town Lovetch.
Sip a cup of hot chocolate, admire at the beautiful mountainous sceneries while listening to Christmas carols in Bulgariaís ski resort Smolyan!

Should you wish to pamper yourself and wash all your worries away, consider a fantastic Christmas vacation in Hissar, Sandanski, Velingrad, the spa capital of the Balkans, or Pomorie, one of Bulgariaís best beach resorts!
Have you ever heard of the rock formations in Belogradchik? Now you have the unique opportunity for visit them and explore the interesting town of Belogradchik.

Besides above-mentioned Christmas holiday destinations in Bulgaria, there are lots of places where you can go to spend your vacation with your family or friends.
We wish you a Merry Christmas!


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