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Ski in Bulgaria 2017/18

Live webcams in Bulgaria

Hotels in Chepelare

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Chepelare webcam live

3 beautiful live web cams on the tracks of Chepelare ski area

The webcams show live images from the ski area of Chepelare ski resort. Below the live images you can find an archive of images, taken at every 20 minutes since the launch of the webcams in February 2010. The first webcam is in the middle of the ski tracks, the other near the top of the ski area and the third web cam is at the lower lift station. Chepelare is just 20 km away from Pamporovo ski resort and the ski conditions are very alike.

3 live ski webcams in Pamporovo

Book online 6 hotels, from 18€ per person

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View the webcam in full size.


View the webcam in full size.


View the webcam in full size.


Chepelare ski resort info Chepelare ski area map

Book online 6 hotels, from 18€ per person

Book lift pass, ski equipment, ski school in Chepelare

Live webcams at 03:22 Chepelare Local Time - 3 visitors online.

Concise Review - Chepelare resort

Chepelare is a picturesque mountain town which is huddled in the gorgeous Rodopi Mountain. The resort is embraced by unspoilt nature-venerable fir trees, mountain springs, amazing snow slopes in the winter and beautiful green meadows in summer and spring. Chepelare is a wonderful holiday spot for complete relax and sheer indulgence. The beautiful Chepelare River passes through the gorgeous town Chepelare. The resort is located 1 200 meters above sea level and the winter season offers one of the best skiing environments in Bulgaria. This is the reason why the ski resort of Chepelare has become popular with new visitors and patrons alike.
Chepelare is about 230 kilometers away from Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city, and just 80 kilometers from the second biggest city in Bulgaria-Plovdiv. Bulgaria’s sunniest ski resort of Pamporovo is just 10 kilometers down the road.
Chepelare invites skiers and snowboarders to enjoy its amazing ski slopes and impeccable services. It is great winter venue for families who are seeking a lovely holiday spot to bond with each other and enjoy joyful moments on the ski slopes or chatting at the fireplace in a cozy lodging in Chepelare.

What’s the weather like in Chepelare?

You are most welcomed to check regularly our Chepelare Live Webcam in order to obtain accurate information for the weather conditions there. Chepelare is an attractive holiday venue, because it boasts mild climate, strongly influenced by the Aegean Sea, the century-old spruce, pine and venerable fir forest. The town has crystal clear mountains air and the great number of sunny days during the year. Skiers are never disappointed, because there are enough snow precipitations to provide the area with plenty of snow.
The snow cover lasts relatively for a long time, for instance, in the areas up to 1000 m above the sea level the snow cover is about 30-40 cm thick and respectively lasts from 80 to 120 days per year. Areas located over 1000 m above sea level boast a snow cover in range from 80 to 129 cm; it lasts about 120 days. Summers in Chepelare are cool and short.

Let’s not miss to point out that although Chepelare is an excellent ski resort, it boasts favourable location and it has all you need for a fabulous summer holiday.
The beautiful Rhodopes is impressive in summer, it offers tranquillity and diverse eco trails. Chepelare as a holiday destination is perfect for relaxing, hiking, mountain biking and rural tourism.

In summary, the resort is the perfect choice for all tourists who would appreciate tranquillity and excellence. Chepelare is suitable for all-year round tourism. Sceneries vary according to the seasons, but they all offer a magnificent setting for adventurous free-time. There is no doubt that in Chepelare you can enjoy sceneries which will leave you speechless and the endless joys of the winter, which has so much to offer for everyone. Chepelare is a true feast for the eyes, offering you the breathtaking mountainous views, snowpacked ski slopes and the peace and quietness of the nature.

In conclusion, Chepelare has seen many developments so far and it offers fresh air, interesting historic sights in close proximity, stunning sceneries, plenty of entertainment options and naturally excellent skiing. The quaint mountain resort has everything you need for a great holiday at a very reasonable price!
Welcome in Chepelare!

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Chepelare web cam archive  

Below you can find archive snapshots from the webcam. Web cam shapshots are archived at every 15 or 20 minutes since the launch of the chepelare web camera. Click on the links to view a flash slideshow of the archive web cam images.

 → Chepelare web cam - 02.07.12
 → Chepelare web cam - 01.07.12

June 2012 archive   

May 2012 archive   

April 2012 archive   

March 2012 archive   

February 2012 archive   

January 2012 archive   

2011 archive

2010 archive


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You'd like to show images from our webcams on your website? Contact us to find out how.

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