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The Devil's Throat Cave

The Devil's Throat cave is situated 1 km from the village of Trigrad in the marvellous Trigrad Gorge.

The cave is lit by many lamps so you dont need to take a torch with you unless you want to explore in detail all the niches in the rocks. After a long artificially dug corridor you will find yourself in an enormous gallery. Its size is compared to that of the Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia. It was formed as a result of the collapse of earth layers in the past.
If you look at the stone walls more carefully you will find a carved devils face and some other figures which I will leave for you to discover. From a staircase built for tourists you can see the river at the bottom of the gallery, disappearing with roar in the dark abysses below.

If you visit the cave in the spring you can also see one of the highest underground waterfalls in Europe 42m.
Just before the natural entrance of the Devils Throat there is a very steep staircase at the upper end of which you can see the light streaming in from the outside.

The entrance fee for the cave is two leva and the guard will let you in only after a group of at least 5 or 6 people has gathered. You need warm clothes and waterproof shoes for the cave as it is really cold (8C constant temperature) and damp in there.

Working hours: 09.00 h - 17.00 h Duration: about half an hour

Many legends are told about this cave. It is said to be the place from where the mythical singer Orpheus descended into the kingdom of Hades to save his beloved Euridyce. Another Thracian legend says that the chieftains achieved immortality by throwing themselves into the abyss. People believed that this cave was the entrance to another world and they even offered as sacrifice the most beautiful girls in order to keep the evil away.

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