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Sofia Zoo

Sofia Zoo is another place of interest for Sofia’s visitors. The zoo was established in the beginning of 1888 and is a great spot for spending some spare time whilst getting acquainted with the diverse life of animals. It is the oldest zoological garden in Bulgaria. Sofia Zoo is a family destination in the true sense of the meaning as it is popular among the adults and the children alike. The zoo is spread over an area of 230,000 square metres and is the largest Bulgaria zoo. It is a shelter to more than 1200 animals. There are nearly 250 species of animals and birds in this zoo.

The wide diversity of species includes many mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. Amongst the most popular species are the black panther, the hippopotmus, the lama, ducks, pheasants, the lion, the rhino, the muflon, the green Iguana, the leopard gecko. It is reckoned that the most interesting place in the zoo is the zone where the visitors can establish direct and immediate contact with non-dangerous animals.
There children and adults can touch and even feed with proper food animals such as goats, ponies, rabbits, ducks and geese not through nets. Benches provide a place for rest and information signs about the animal species living there and entertaining boards for the children make the contact with the animals even more interesting and educational.
Many animals are “adopted” by firms and enterprises that have undetaken the expenses of care and treatment of animals.


The Sofia's zoo was established in 1888. It stood at the grand building, which was formerly known as the Royal Palace.
The main attraction of the Sofia Zoo at the time of its establishment was a Eurasian Black Vulture. Tsar Ferdinand was particularly interested in collecting wild animals and birds. A few mammals and pheasants were added to it later. When there was a lack of space in the Royal Palace, and hence Tsar Ferdinand issued an order, saying that the Sofia Zoo needed to be moved to the former botanical garden of the city. The Sofia Zoo, Bulgaria, was later moved to its present position at the centre of Sofia in the year 1984.
Making the collection of animals bigger and diverse became a long-term objective. In 1892 the first pair of lions was bought. Subsequently, the same year a male baby lion was born. That was the first lion family in the Sofia Zoo.

Sofia Zoo on the map of Sofia

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